Yuni Miyagi
Kanji 宮城由仁
Rōmaji Miyagi Yuni
First Appearance Episode 1 (Pretty Rhythm Crystal Voice)
Gender Female
Birthday August 23
Astrological Sign Virgo
Hometown Harajuku, Japan
Current Residence Harajuku, Japan
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Theme Color White, cream, rainbow
Fashion Element Star✰
Prism Live Instrument Keytar
Special Skill Prism Stuff?
Blood Type O
Affiliation Harajuku
Prism Stone
Animal Coach Stereo the Cat
Romantic Interest TBA
Relatives TBA
Yuni Miyagi is the main protagonist of Pretty Rhythm Crystal Voice.

Appearance Edit

Her outfits are Star. She has brown wavy hair tied in a low side ponytail with a red heart hair clip.

Personality Edit

She is fun-loving and kind. She is an expert at Prism Shows.

History Edit

Yuni was auditioning for Prism Stone designer. She sent her designs to Chisato Ibara.

More coming soon....

Prism Jumps Edit

  • Star Splash
  • Dream Starlight Garden
  • Shining Spiral
  • Golden Star Illusion
  • Angel's Melody: Crystal Rising Dust

More coming soon....

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