Yuki Nohara is a member of Seasons along with Natsuko Ageha and Harumi Nakamura.

Appearance Edit

Yuki has purple hair tied in low twintails, and has turquoise eyes. Her Seventh Coord evolution is the platinum coord.

Yuki Nohara

Yuki in the platinum coord

Personality Edit

Yuki is normally a shy girl, but she has a strong will and has some qualities of a leader. Despite this, she is content to stay reserved and always thinks logically. Apparently, if awakened while sleeping, Yuki takes on a completely different and angry personality, and she has the ability to throw "supersonic pillows". She is also the person who asked Himuro Hijiri, the current supervisor of Edel Rose to let Natsuko, her and Harumi make their debut as Seasons.

Songs Edit

Yuki has one solo song, two trio songs and one duo song.

Solo Song Edit

Kokoro Juuden!

Trio Songs Edit

You May Dream

Hop! Step!! Jump!!!

Duo Song (With Harumi Nakamura) Edit

Never Let Me Down

Prism Jumps Edit

Yuki has 8 jumps out of which one is performed at Over The Rainbow Session.

  1. Snowy Splash
  2. Fresh Fruits Planet
  3. Queen Of Ice
  4. Lovely Rainbow
  5. Fly High! Cheer Girl
  6. Eternal Golden Flowers
  7. Love-Love Slider
  8. Dreams Of A Frozen Heart

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