Usagi Fuyutsuki is the main character in Pripara: Animal Paradise. Her main color is white. She is a lovely type idol and uses Cutie Candy as her main brand.

Usagi Fuyutsuki
Age 13
Birthday May 7
Gender Female
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Blue
Occupation Idol
Team Carnivale
Image Brand Lovely

Appearance Edit

Outside of Pripara, Usagi has ginger hair worn in odangos connected to long straight braids.

In Pripara, Her long braids connect to the top of her head and turn white, making it look like she has rabbit ears.

Personality Edit

She is very energetic, loves candy and sweets, and has always made her biggest plans for the future without really thinking ahead.

Relationships Edit

Ageha Kozakura: Usagi's best friend. Before she became interested in Prism Stars for herself, Usagi used to try and convince her everyday to go to become a Prism Star. She and Ageha are still best freinds, even with their majorly different personalities both in and out of their idol personas.

Songs Edit

Coords Edit

  • Fluffy White Marshmellow Coord (casual coord)

History Edit

Before she was a prism star, she was the daughter of a patassiere who was very intrested in Prism Stars

Making Drama Edit

  • Colorful Chocolate Parade
  • Happy Macaroon Spin
  • Wonder Sweets Show
  • Poppin Candy Rocket

Gallery Edit

Name Edit

Usagi means rabbit

Fuyu means winter

Tsuki means moon

So her name means "winter moon rabbit" This could be a possible refrence to the moon rabbit.

Quotes Edit

"Ageha! Let's become idols!"

Trivia Edit

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