The Trainees (Official: 研究生 Kenkyuusei, commonly called トレーニーズ Toreeniizu) is a term discribing characters in Pretty Rhythm: Infinite Skies. While all members of the diffrent Prism Show Schools are usually called Trainees, the term usually refers the four main characters who aren't part of Infinity or SEASON.

Known TraineesEdit


The Trainees usually perform Mirai Step. However, the four main trainees of the series later write an original song which is named Everyday ROCK.

Prism JumpsEdit

It's mentioned that the Trainees of Pretty Prism aren't often seen performing original Prism Jumps. However, the four main trainees of the series later perform their original Prism Jump Rocking Heart.


  • The term Trainees and as well the official translation are based on Millyna's favourite Idol-Group AKB48.

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