Yui Tanaka



Personal Data

Name Yui Tanaka (田中結衣; Tanaka Yui)
Age (Tail Of Muse) 14
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Japan
Current Residence Kyoto, Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Unknown
Special Skill Traditional Dance

Prism Sone

Angely Sugar

Rainbow Academy

Animal Coach Cutie
Prism Live Instrument Flute
Theme Color Hot pink
Fashion Element Lovely
Romantic Interest unknown
Anime Debut (Tail Of Muse) Episode 1 (flashback)

Episode 5 (actual debut)


Family Members

Tanaka Nagi (Father)

Tanaka Mayu (Mother)

Tanaka Kuroko (Big Brother)

Japanese Emiri Katou
Yui Gallery

Yui Tanaka (田中結衣; Tanaka Yui) is one of main character from Pretty Rhythm : Tail Of Muse. She is Otoshiro Yukina's bestfriend. Yui is Ayase Naru's big fan.


She have a short pink hair and red eyes, and she always follow wherever Yukina goes. She is the only person who can soothe Yukina when she's angry.


She is very shy and polite. She will always apologize (sumimasen), even if she didn't do anything wrong.

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