She is one of the characters of Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart. Beside being want to become a Prism Star, she also want to be a actress. Her style is sexy.


See also Sumire Kudo/List of Outfits


She is a very sensible and sensitive 14 year old girl, has good singing skills, she may almost be considered too serious and tends to worry a lot due to her penchant for over-thinking matters, she is also very sensitive, while on the surface she appears to be cool and mature for her age, she hides a warm and passionate heart on the inside and to her teammates, Sumire is one of the most reliable members and she is willing to do things for them, even if they can do it themselves. She is a girl with a candid personality, Sumire makes everyone around her cheer up, she causes a lot of trouble for others, but she is thoughtful and because she is a sister to numerous younger sisters and brothers, Sumire has developed a habit to act like an older sister to anyone that is down, especially her fellow unit members, she holds the skill for a wonderful dance and will never practice for a Prism Show without dancing first and She loves to move her body and is a very good dancer.


Prism ShowEdit

Prism Jumps Edit

Single Jumps Edit

Rose Shower - similar to Stardust Shower but with roses.

Rose Shower Perfect - like stardust shower perfect but its roses.

Super Rose Shower - like Super stardust shower but it roses and color red-orange is now white.


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