Sora Kanzaki

Personal Data

Name Sora Kanzaki (神崎そら; Kanzaki Sora )
Age (All Star Constellation) 16
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Bohemian
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Lilbra
Character Trait Loves Design
Special Skill Design
Affiliation Dear Princess


Animal Coach Glassan

Theme Color

Indigo Blue
Romantic Interest Unknown
Anime Debut (All Star Constellation) Episode 12 (Minor)

Episode 13 (Actual Debut)


Family Members

Rei Mikoto (Older Brother)

Japanese Tomatsu Haruka
Sora Gallery

Sora Kanzaki (神崎そら Kanzaki Sora?) Sora is one of new main characters from Pretty Rhythm : All Star Consellation. She is the designer from Dear Princess. She is a sexy type and her prism live instruments is Tampani. She seems along with Sakura Hanasaki.


Sora has blue ombre hair that turns purple around the tips of each strand and has red eyes. She is usually seen wearing a pink flower in her hair. Sora also has a beauty mark near her chin.



Sora is a calm and easygoing person. She is very friendly and is a talented designer. She is loves nature and animals.

Image SongEdit

Kira Pata Shining

Prism JumpEdit

1) Sexy Splash (Episode 13)

2) Pink Dolpin Venus (Episode 13)

3) Dress Revolution (Episode 13)


Sora (そら?) means sky.

Kanzaki (神崎?): Kan (神?) means God. Zaki (崎?) means "small peninsula" or "promontory".

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