Casual OutiftsEdit

Casual Outfits (Spring)Edit

Green Layered skirt, lime green with a ginkgo leaf print wristband on her right wrist, jungle green waist length and 3/4 sleeved shirt that has a frilly collar, a silver chain necklace with 3 oak leave attach to it and cyan slip on shoes.

Casual Outfits (Summer)Edit

White high heels with 6 straps, blue pants with a dark blue zigzag pattern, orange peal necklace, sea green t-shirt with light green sleeves and lotus flower prints on it.

Casual Outfits (Fall)Edit

Orange pants with a green belt, powder blue blouse with red making all over it and light green knee high boots with green heels. She wears a thick green bracelet.

Casual Outfits (Winter)Edit

Brown cardigan with green buttons, yellow long-sleeved shirt with a pattern of white stars on the front, red boots with the top part folded and being purple and a skirt has rainbow stripes with a white belt.

Prism Show OutfitsEdit

Other OutfitsEdit

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