Sakaya Kuizumi
Coming soon!
First Appearance Episode 2
Gender female
Birthday March 7th 2000
Astrological Sign Pisces
Hometown Nevada,California
Current Residence Tokyo,Japan
Hair Color Red
Eye Color blue
Theme Color Neon pink and Green
Fashion Element Sexy
Prism Live Instrument Trumpet
Special Skill I can dance, sing and play trumpet
Blood Type O
Affiliation Dream Rose


Animal Coach Bear
Romantic Interest Daisuki Hondai
Relatives Sarah Kuizumi- Younger sister

Dylan Kuizumi- Older Brother

Miyu Kuizumi- Mother

Kanata Kuizumi- Father

Personality Edit


Sayaka Kuizumi is from Pretty Rhythm Fairytale Dream and she is also known to be America top beauty model because she won beauty girl fashion show contest when she was 12 years old,now at the age of 14, she has been told by her parents that needs to go Tokyo,Japan to visit her grandma and has been selected to be in the team called DREAM ROSE. Sayaka actually thinks she better then Asuka and Erina for better looks and her dressing skills, Sayaka fights when someon in her team is doing something wrong and she is being to much harsh on them. But she even-truly makes friends friends with everyone she meets in her team.

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