She is the main character of Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart. Beside being want to become a Prism Star, she also want to be a novelist. Her style is Ethnic.


See also Satomi Ueda/List of Outfits


She seems to be very hot headed and can't stand to be bored. She is a very loud and passionate character, can feel the "wind" of music, she can be rude at times, she is usually relaxed when she's around one of her best friend and she is also constantly energetic and is easily nervous under pressure.


Prism ShowEdit

Prism Jumps Edit

Single Jumps Edit

Fresh Fruit Universe - it like fresh fruit basket but in space and with a lot more different fruits.

Lovely Fairy - she gain lovely fairy wings and fly around with fairies. The audience gain fairy wings and fly around with her.

Relationships Edit

  • Ran Imoto
  • Shiho Fuji
  • Itsuko Ashiya
  • Kikue Tachibana
  • Midori Aoki
  • Eri Nobumoto
  • Yoshimi Watanabe
  • Sumire Kudo
  • Iona Bandō
  • Takami Kakura
  • Lila Misaki
  • Daisy Misaki
  • Masao Gamō
  • Seiji Yamagata
  • Takeshi Maehara
  • Kogoro Suzukawa
  • Arata Funatsu
  • Bunji Hisamoto
  • Daiki Ninomiya
  • Chikara Ogiwara
  • Kenta Coda
  • Satoru Arakawa
  • Gin Hoshimiya
  • Miwako Kobayashi
  • Washichi Hoshino
  • Kenjiro Yoshioka
  • Uta Fuji
  • Sayaka Kanon
  • Shion Kori
  • Kotori Chieko
  • Juri Renno
  • Yura Ueda
  • Tomonori Ueda


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