SEASON (Commonly written in caps, sometimes as Season) is a Prism Show Unit in Pretty Rhythm: Infinite Skies. They consist of four members, Yozora Mizuki, Nakamoto Yuki, Kitasaki Hikari and Kobayashi Miharu. They later are signed under SHINING SKIES.


SEASON's popularity is constantly growing over the series. They end with being considerd as a national Prism Show Unit.

In Episode 01, espacilly Mizuki is known because of her victory in the Tokyo Spring Festival Prism Show Contest.

Known SongsEdit

SEASON has two known songs with one being written in the series. Their debut single was released digitally and acts as first opening of the series. They later write their second single together which is first released digitally only but later also physically. There are a few episodes about the writing of the single. They also perform Mirai Step regulary, having them (alongside of Akari and the Trainees) perform the song as second opening. They also perform "Shiranai" wa Arienai with the Tranees and Infinity as third opening - the song itself is also performed by them in the anime with the trainees. They also perform BEAUTIFUL SKY ~ Sutekina Sekai ~ with the trainees which is the final ending.

Prism JumpsEdit


  • it was originally planned that SEASON's members would be Trainees too, just being more popular.

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