Riana Ibara
Kanji 井原 利亜奈
Rōmaji Ihara Riana
First Appearance Episode 2 (Pretty Rhythm Crystal Voice)
Gender Female
Birthday March 1
Astrological Sign Pisces
Hometown Prism World
Current Residence Harajuku, Japan
Hair Color Black and blue tops
Eye Color Blue
Theme Color Black, violet, pink
Fashion Element Surprise
Prism Live Instrument Piano
Special Skill Prism stuff?
Blood Type A
Affiliation CRYSTALS✮ (temporary)
Prism World
Prism Stone
Animal Coach Slurpee the Rabbit
Romantic Interest TBA
Relatives Rinne Ibara (young sister)

Riana Ibara is the sister of Rinne. She came to Earth to look for Rinne who had escaped to Earth to look for an old friend, Naru Ayase.

Appearance Edit

Her outfits are Surprise, which Prism Stone's colors are black and pink. She has long, back-length hair. Her hair is black with a little blue on the top.

Personality Edit

She is cheerful and happy-go-lucky. Still, she takes it seriously when it comes to Prism Shows. She can do Prism Shows in order to communicate to her sister.

Prism Jumps Edit

  • Surprise Splash
  • Emperor's Dance
  • Musical! Rainbow Rocks!
  • Stardust Shower
  • Sparkling Ace of Justice
  • La Flamme D'Amour
  • One more coming in December do not edit!!!

More things coming soon...

A/N Edit

Original picture has been edited. Ori. Pic not owned by me!!!

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