Reika Nagami is the daughter of Jin Norizuki in the fanfiction, titled Seasons by lucygh12 on Wattpad.

Appearance Edit

Reika is a girl with pale skin and cobalt blue eyes. She has matching wavy cobalt blue hair which is normally styled into a side ponytail on and held with a light blue scrunchie. When her scrunchie is removed, her hair reaches slightly past her shoulder.

Personality Edit

Songs Edit

Reika's solo song is "Switch On My Heart", one of Natsuko's songs which she gives to Reika for reasons not yet revealed.

Prism Jumps Edit

Reika can perform 8 prism jumps and a prism act as well.

  1. Crystal Splash
  2. Fluttering Wings Of Love
  3. Heavenly Flower
  4. Throbbing Memory Leaf
  5. Splash In The Pool
  6. Christmas Love Under The Mistletoe
  7. Pink Dolphin Venus
  8. Aurora Rising: Final

Prism Act Edit

Reika can also perform a Prism Act. Her Prism Act is Sky High Symphonia.