Casual OutfitsEdit

Casual Outfits (Spring)Edit

Periwinkle zipped vest jacket with a orange shirt with a white star underneath, white Mary Jane shoes with a sapphire, green socks with blue waves patterns and dark blue pants with a light blue belt that has a silver buckle. She has a cyan bracelet

Casual Outfits (Summer)Edit

Baby blue top with long white sleeves, Spanish blue Capris pants with a dark green belt, Navy blue Scarf With a waves pattern, Yellow sandals of sandals with cork-wedge chunky heels and the straps has a zigzags on it. bracelet

Casual Outfits (Fall)Edit

White and cyan striped shirt with a navy blue triple clef note on it, red knee length socks with ginkgo leaf prints on it, a black miniskirt with a belt that has green belt accents, Yale blue tights with outlines of heart of pink, purple and green on it and brown loafers. Necklace

Casual Outfits (Winter)Edit

Red and black checkered puffy jumper, green socks with frills at the top, brown shoes with a blue quaver note on it and blue pants with a brown treble clef symbol on it. Necklace

Prism Show OutfitsEdit

Other OutfitsEdit

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