Prism Show World Academy

Prism show world academy is a academy where young girls join and become idols that they would like be. This schools also share stories of legendary prism stars doing the prism show. The series Pretty Rhythm Fairytale Dream shows Asuka and her friends meeting together for a idol activity group. An rich academy owned by the principle Aira Harune and Shou.

Type of classes Edit

Here at Prism Show World Academy Idols are trained with the songs they write and the dance that they do. The classes provided are listed below:

  1. Fashion Class- students learn when during prism show contest held at the academy, they should know the theme and color of that particular contest.
  2. Song class- students in this class learn the type of genre that they are interested in.
  3. Dance Class- students in this class learn how to dance to their own songs and sing at the same time.

Shops inside the school Edit

their are variety of shops located inside the school. Students often come here to the shops to buy clothes or accessories that they need.

Teachers Edit

  1. Rizumu Todou
  2. Hibiki Todou
  3. Aira Harune
  4. Shou
  5. Mion Takamine
  6. Wataru
  7. Prizmmy - Mia,Reina, Ayami, and Karin
  8. Puretty- Hyein, Somin, chea-in
  9. RAINBOW- rinne,ann,ito,naru,beru,otha, and wakana

Students in levels Edit

High school Edit

Middle School Edit

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