Prism Diamonds is a unit comprising of Natsuko Ageha and Bell Renjouji. It was formed for Duo Diva Session and the Dancing Princess Session.

Prism Jumps Edit

Natsuko and Bell can together do 9 jumps.

  1. Summer and Sexy Splash
  2. Lovely Rainbow~Duo
  3. Burning Prism Phoenix
  4. Happy Macaroon Spin
  5. The Million Passionate Roses
  6. Do-Re-Mi Slider
  7. Platinum Spiral
  8. Super Stardust Shower~Perfect
  9. Eternal Big Bang-Beautiful Birth
    Natsuko Ageha-0

    Natsuko's outfit

Songs Edit

The Prism Diamonds duo has two songs, both written by Natsuko

  1. We Will Win! -KOKORO no Baton de PO.Pon no PO~N
  2. Hello Alone

History Of Formation Edit

Appearance of the unit Edit

Bell Renjouji

Bell's outfit

Both Bell and Natsuko have outfits which are different from each other.

Bell's Outfit Edit

Bell's outfit is a red and white dress worn over red slacks. It's related to her fashion element of 'SEXY'

Natsuko's Outfit Edit

Natsuko's outfit consists of a short black jacket worn over a short white shirt. With that, she wears a black and white skirt with a orange belt. This outfit is in accordance with her fashion element of 'SUMMER'.

Trivia Edit

  • IMPORTANT!! ~ Hello Alone is not a song of the Pretty Rhythm series. It is the first ending theme of the anime Oregairu.
  • Natsuko composed the melody with the help of her childhood friend, Makoto Nagami, who moved to Korea and is currently the best Prism Star there.

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