Pretty Rhythm Universe Crown takes place after Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.




  • Megumino Hikari
    • She's the self-proclaimed leader of FairytaleKiss. She's aiming to follow her mother Megumino Kizashi as a prism star. She goes as far as learning her mother's song and prism jump. At first glance Hikari is quite loud and outgoing but underneath she is really kind and caring. getting past that, she is rather sad. Yet her sad side is barely shown. Her fashion element is star, her song is Kasukana Nozomi (which was her mother's song), her signature jump is Star Crown (and all the variations) and her Prism Act is Universe Crown.
  • Amanogawa Kanade
    • Hikari's partner and best friend. She's aiming to become the next president of Pretty Top and is often seen watching Mion. She is shown to have a crush on Shizuya. At first glance she is straightforward and happy, never backing down to a fight even if it means dragging Hikari into it. Her fashion element is pop her song is Himitsu no hōseki, her signature jump is Stellar Ways and her Prism Act is Hearts Parade.
  • Sora Reika 
    • The final member of FairytaleKiss. She's aiming to inspire other people to follow their dreams or wishes. She has a brother named Shizuya (part of the idol group SoulTouch). At first glance she is kind and easily flustered. Her fashion element is feminine, her sing is Himitsu no Purinsesu, her signature jump is Beauty Fortessimo and her Prism Act is Rainbow Burst.


  • Sora Shizuya
    • The brother of Reika and partner/friend of Rei. He is shown to have a mutual crush on Kanade.
  • Hatsune Rei
    • ​The partner and friend of Shizuya. He seems to like Hikari and is often flirting with her.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Megumino Kizashi
    • The wife of Eiko, daughter of Akaru and mother of Hikari, Kaiyo and Koaku. While preforming Luna Crown (alteration of Star Crown) she disappeared and wasn't seen until episode 37. In that same episode we learn that she was trapped in the Prism World.

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