Plot Edit

Pretty Rhythm Shining Star is a fan fiction. It's about four girls trying to rise to become the top, so they can become either Prism Queen or the Shining Queen.

Characters Edit

Rising Stars Edit

Bloom Bukani: A 14 year old hoping to become the Shining Queen. She isn't the best singer or dancer, but really wants to become the Shining Queen, and performs the first ever floral star jump. People call her the blooming star( possibly because of her name) even though her chances of becoming a star are low.

Jewel Homocashi: Jewel is Bloom's classmate and is hoping to become the Prism Queen. She is a graceful, elegant and calm girl. She is amazing at singing and dancing, but doesn't have an amazing sense of style no matter how perfect she is on ice.

Starla Dancla: Starla is Jewel's rival and best friend. As you could guess, she wants to become the Prism Queen. Unike Jewel, however, Starla is a klutz, and the only thing she can do(to do with the prism show) is design clothes.

Rhona Canana: At first, Rhona is Bloom's enemy, but in chapter 20, Rhona becomes her rival and good friend. Rhona is aiming to become the Shining Queen. She is the most famous and the most experienced out of the four.

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