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Pretty Rhythm Phoenix Wish is a fan series created by Hoshimiyaichigo80.


Arisu Harune is a cheerful and caring girl who loves prism shows, in the series of dear my future, Arisu attends regular middle school where it is no idol. But she is bullied by her classmates and girls who consider them self popular in school, when Arisu returns home, she says to her family that she does not want to attend a normal regular school because everyone makes fun of her just because she is the famous daughter of legendary star Aira Harune. But in this series, she is 16, and she now attends new school called "Prism Star of generation". In that school Aira Harune and Shou are the coaches of prism jumps and designing new clothes. When in the first episode Arisu makes her first prism show and jumps she actually trips and a boy named Daisuki Hoshimiya, who attended a regular middle school, was the classmate of Arisu, he catches her when Arisu falls. Arisu challenges new journey in her life as she meets new people or when there is a new optical coming to face her. Risa Todo and Mika Takamine helped Arisu win Pheonix wish cup. But when it comes to love...Arisu has a crush on Daisuki Hoshimiya


Airimi Edit

Arisu Harune Edit

Arisu Harune is Aira Harune and Sho's daughter. She is also the main protagonist of the fan series Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream Generation. Arisu is lively, bubbly and cheerful. She usually looks on the bright side of things. Her theme color is pink. Her brand is Sexy Rose, Type is Cute and Sexy. Anytime she is in boy trouble she always ask her two best friend for help.

Risa Todo Edit

Risa Tōdō is Rizumu and Hibiki's daughter. She and Arisu and Mika are childhood friends. She always knew her mother was a Prism Star, but she promised her mother she won't ever tell Arisu about MARs, since Aira asked. Risa loves eating meat, just like her mother, however she understands she has to eat vegetables too. She is usually calm and sensible, unlike her mother when she was young. Risa has inherited her totally-no-fashion-sense from her mother though, ending up wearing something ridiculous everytime. If it weren't for Arisu, Risa would never wear anything fashionable! Risa has orange hair (like her mother) and blue eyes (like her father).

Mika Takamine Edit

Mika Takamine- Mion and Wataru's daughter. She and Arisu and Risa are childhood friends. She always knew her mother was a Prism Star, but she promised her mother she won't ever tell Arisu about MARs, since Aira asked. Mika is usually the harsh and strict one. When they formed Airimi, Mika set up a huge and strict plan to help them get better, which eventually tired them all by a lot. Mika has blonde hair and green eyes.

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