Pretty Rhythm Perfect☆Star (プリティーリズム·パーフェクト☆すた Puritī Rizumu· Pāfekuto ☆ Suta) is a Pretty Rhythm fanseries created by SodaCat16.


Kaibu Heart was just your average Arctic Fox living in Kuranchatto City. Prism Shows were everywhere, however he never showed much of an interest in them.

However, when he is thrust into a sudden Prism Show, his life is about to take an unexpected twist as other Prism Stars, Glompy and one of the most famous out there, Drewetta Arkeisliar, known among her fans as the Crystal Princess, come into his life. Will he be able to succeed in the world of Prism Shows and become Prism King?


Main Characters

Kaibu Heart - A big fluffy arctic fox who is the cuddliest most snuggleable thing. He is the equivalent to a white boy who says 'no homo' constantly. Known for being 99% squish and 1% hella. Kaibu uses Star-Type Stones. His My Song is Soft Heart's Glow.

Prism Jumps Debut Episode
Sparkling Splash 1
Stardust Shower 2
Golden Constellation 7
Hopeful Arrow of Dreams 15
My Heart's Shooting Star 23
Fresh Fruits Basket 26
Emperor's Dance 32

Glompy - A tall scrawny cat of some sort of unknown breed. His hobbies are laughing at innapropriate times and creating homosexual tension. First Appeared at the Aries Session in Episode 3. Known for being clingy and affectionate, and constantly worries about things. Rather eccentric though. Glompy uses Pop-Type Stones. His My Song is Cheerful Days.

Prism Jumps Debut Episode
Colorful Splash 3
Super Happy Rainbow 3
Fizzy Soda Rocketeer 8
Colorful Dream Carnival 22
Super Sweets Score 25

Drewetta (Drew) Arkeisliar - A Snowleopard/Doberman mix. Despite a cold and professional exterior, she's a sweetheart. She actually had no interest in becoming Prism Queen, but seeing her fans smiles turned her heart over. She likes making jokes and doing dumb things with friends, but knows when to step in when things go awry. She may appear stern, but its just because she cares. Drew uses Cool-Type Stones. Her My Song is initially Isolation Heart, but after her "purification", she writes a new My Song titled Friendships Lasting Onwards. First Appeared at the Aries Session in Episode 4.

Prism Jumps Debut Episode
Diamond Splash 4
Jewel Spin Cross 4
Frozen Crystalline Kingdom 4
Glittering Turntable 9
Diamond Spiral 26
Snow Leopard's Sunny Day 26

Secondary Characters

Anais - The cutest girl on the block. She recently became a Prism Star, like Glompy, and decided to start hunting for members of her own unit. She has a soft and squishy attitude, and she's welcoming to everyone she meets. Although, she has a tendency to get real sad real fast. A real sweetheart through and through. Anais uses Feminine-Type Stones. Her My Song is Sweet and Sweet Princess. First Appeared in Episode 6.

Prism Jumps Debut Episode
Flowering Splash 6
Fly High Cheer Girl 6
Bloom Bloom Blooming Flower of Love 6
Fantastic Fairytale Girl 19
I'm My Own Hero 25

Cyth Wright - A time lord cat-thing from the future and the past who claims to be dating the sandwich jester. No one's entirely certain what she's on about half the time, but that doesn't matter. She's caring, kind, and always willing to offer advice. Cyth uses Lovely-Type Stones. Her My Song is Peace Out Rock. First Appeared at the Gemini Session with Blind in Episode 10.

Prism Jumps Debut Episode
Clock Splash 10
Hat Trick Star 10
Open My Flower 10
Winding Quartz 18
Burning Hardcore Arrow 25

Blind - A fluffy orange blind dude. Probably not safe to be around, but everyone's around him anyway. Blind uses Ethnic-Type Stones. His My Song is Fibonacci Sequence. First Appeared in the Gemini Session with Cyth in Episode 10.

Prism Jumps Debut Episode
Firestorm Splash 10
Prism Stone Hurricane 10
Supernova Phoenix 10
Infinite Prism Phoenix 16
Mythical Wings 24

Hollow - A genderfluid wolfcat who has a deceased brother who didnt approve of their Prism Shows. After his death, however, they now stride to become Prism Queen/King in hopes of making him proud. They use Sexy-Type Stones. Their My Song is Radio Station 001. First Appearance is alone at the end of the Gemini Session in Episode 11.

Prism Jumps Debut Episode
Rose Splash 11
Golden Spiral 11
L'Amour De L'Ange 11
Hero's Story 17
Revolutionary Rosette Nebula 24
Amazing Rose Garden 30


No. Episode Title Debut Of... Location
1 "The Prism is Shining Within You!"

Kaibu Heart

Sparkling Splash

Prism Stone Outdoor Stage
2 "Your Stardom is Beginning!" Stardust Shower Prism Stone Indoor Stage
3 "Eh? Going to Watch a Tournament?"


Colorful Splash

Super Happy Rainbow

Aries Session
4 "The Shimmering Crystal!"

Drewetta Arkeisliar

Diamond Splash

Jewel Spin Cross

Frozen Crystalline Kingdom

Aries Session Stage
5 "Takes Two to Prism Tango"
6 "Let It Glow! Glompy Vs. Anais!"


Flowering Splash

Fly High Cheer Girl

Bloom(x3)ing Flower of Love

Outdoor Park Stage
7 "May The Prism's Sparkle Be With You!" Golden Constellation Prism Stone Indoor Stage
8 "Never Give Up, Glompy-chan!" Fizzy Soda Rocketeer Prism Stone Outdoor Stage
9 "The Isolation Princess' Fairy Tale Story" Glittering Turntable Outdoor Park Stage
10 "Two New Prism Stars! Gemini Session!"

Cyth Wright


Clock Splash

Firestorm Splash

Hat Trick Star

Prism Stone Hurricane

Open My Flower

Supernova Phoenix

Gemini Session Stage
11 "A Shocking Debut!  A Hollow-Hearted Person Appears!"


Rose Splash

Golden Spiral

L'Amour De L'Ange

Gemini Session Stage
12 "Aiming for the Top! Preparing for the Saggitarius Session!"
13 "Sagittarius Session! Are You Ready?" Saggitarius Session Stage
14 "Sagittarius Session! Get Set!" Saggitarius Session Stage
15 "Sagittarius Session! Let's Get Happy!" Hopeful Arrow of Dreams Saggitarius Session Stage
16 "E-Eh!? Blind has Gone Missing!?" Infinite Prism Phoenix Practice Rink
17 "A Special Prism Surprise!" Hero's Story Outdoor Park Stage
18 "An Evening Rock Festival! Winding Quartz Outdoor Park Stage (Night)
19 "The Flowering Princess' Boyish Style!" Fantastic Fairytale Girl Indoor Prism Stone Stage
20 "E-Eeeeeh!? The Search for Glompy!"
21 "Sick with Guilt and Mad as Heck" Practice Rink
22 "May Your Cheerful Days Last Forever More!" Colorful Dream Carnival Indoor Prism Stone Stage
23 "Snuggle Buddies! The Glompy and Kaibu Ultimate Sleepover of Swag!" My Heart's Shooting Star Pisces Session Stage
24 "Hollow Vs. Blind! Angsty Duality!"

Revolutionary Rosette Nebula

Mythical Wings

Pisces Session Stage
25 "Rocking Royalty!"

I'm My Own Hero

Burning Hardcore Arrow

Pisces Session Stage
26 "The Exiled Queen And The New Prince! Kaibu Vs. Drewetta! Also Glompy Does Something But Its Moderately Irrelevant"

Super Sweets Musical

Diamond Spiral

Snow Leopard's Sunny Day

Fresh Fruits Basket

Pisces Session Stage
27 "A Neighborhood Festival! How Exciting!" Outdoor Prism Stone Stage (Night) (Festival)
28 "A Fashion Show for Three! Star! Lovely! Pop!" Royal Fashion Stage
29 "Trio Tournament Announced! Aquarius Session!"
30 "The Beautiful Rose Child, Hollow's Rising!" Amazing Rose Garden Outdoor Prism Stone Stage (Rain)
31 "Aquarius Tournament! 7-5-8!" Aquarius Tournament Stage
32 "The Aquarius Tournament Continues! A Sudden Prism Live!" Emperor's Dance Aquarius Tournament Stage
33 "E-Eh!? What Do You Mean, Finals!?" Schoolyard Stage
34 ??? ??? ???

More to come soon!

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