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This is Cure48 first fan series, hope you enjoy it!


This story is begin 3 years after rainbow live. A girl named Tomomi Tamara who want become famous prism star like Ayase Naru, she appear as mysterious new girl at Summer queen cup show, and Tamara meet a new friend named Yurika Minami and mizuki alice, To defeat Edel Rose one more time.



A new prism unit who will begin at episode 10 on this series, they are from prism stone. tristar is a first prism unit who can do prism live together

Tomomi Tamara

A cheerful, and lively girl she really love prism show. Her character is more like Ageha Mia, she aims to be number 1 prism star in the world, and her dream is to defeat ayase naru. She is a friend of Yukira Minami and Mizuki Alice. She is a second character who can do prism live who don't use a mascot after Rinne.

prism jump : Heart Shower ( episode 1 ) , jewel spiral ( episode 1 ).

Prism live : Butterfly Garden ( episode 1 )

Yukira Minami

She is Tomomi bestfriend, she learn prism dance until she 5 years old, her mother is a famous model in the world. Her idol is Rinne. Prism jump :

Prism live :

More information....

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