List of Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart episodes.

Episode # Title Song Main Events
01 Enter the bright Heart Runway to heart Ran Imoto Debut
Ran Imoto is a girl who dreams of being a Prism Star, when the Dream Heart agency begins selections for the beginners championship where chosen would be trained and could participate in an important competition, Ran Imoto not miss a chance to come in and show all of her talent. (This level is about Sing and Prism Effects)
02 A new dream Runway to heart Itsuko Ashiya Debut
On the second day of competitions that will be with pairs Ran can not find anyone who wants to pair with it, but then meets Itsuko who was watching it on the first day of selections. Eiko runs from Ran because she is very shy and ends just getting frustrated with Ran because her insistence. Itsuko reveals that never had a certain dream, she had tried to go the selections and pass in the last position but because she can't give any prism jump thought it was not for her. At the end Ran helps Eiko with her problems and they become best friends, Itsuko is paired with Ran and together they make a Prism Remake. (This level is about dance)
03 The Last but the start begins Runway to heart Eiko and Ran enter in the Dream Heart

Miwako Kobayashi Debuted

Washichi Hoshino Debuted

Ran and Eiko want to get to the top, so they can finally enter the Dream Heart company. And receive special training for the last performance that focuses on the whole (Clothing, Corner, Dance). They then know their coach that needs to train them for their last performance attempts to enter the company. (Shiho Fuji makes a small appearance in this chapter)
04 The egg of friendship Happy Bunny*Happy Motivation Ran and Itsuko make a Easter show
Ran and Itsuko are in charge to make a Easter event, they have to think in a great event, that's when they meet Amanekawa Ringo, an apprentice of a chocolatier that makes special chocolate eggs but she wants to go on a stage as a prism star for once in her life.
05 The motivation of that girl Purple Addiction

Runway to Heart

Shiho Fuji Debut
Ran and Itsuko have another show at TV program and a new prism star, Shiho Fuji is going to appear too, the 3 girls have to prepare and Shiho said that Ran and Itsuko not take their practicing serious.
06 The difference about us Purple Addiction Shiho Fuji Prism Star training are showed

Ran, Itsuko and Shiho perform together for the first time

Ran and Itsuko don't make a good show at the TV Program that's why Miwako tell them to training more like Shiho so they perform on a Easter Event Dream Heart is doing.
07 The second go! Make It Happen! Ran and Eiko make their own song
Ran and Itsuko won a one more chance in a talk show that will be followed by a show of them. They decide to train hard this time to not disappoint anybody so they decide to write a new song to debut in the program. Ran and Itsuko performed together.
08 Following the step's of a new diva Garden Enter Lila Misaki Debut

Lila Misaki perform a Prism Act

The girls win an exclusive invitation to the secret show Lila Misaki
09 Prism Transform

Haato iru tori dori~mu (Ran)

Purple Addiction (Shiho)

Make it happen (Eiko)

Runway to heart (Kikue)

Ran did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm and perform a Prism Transform

Shiho did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm and perform a Prism Transform

Itsuko did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm and perform a Prism Transform

Kikue did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm and perform a Prism Transform

Juri Renno Debuted

The girls are chosen to do a show that can be crucial to the company gain more popularity then Miwako tells them try to make a Prism Transform.
10 That Doll Porcelain Doll Daisy Misaki Debut
Ran meets a girl who finds is beautiful but it has nothing to do with her personality, she discovers that her sister of Lila Misaki and has the nickname "The Doll".
11 The mysterious Harmonica Selected Star

Takeshi Maehara Debuted

Itsuko My Song Debut

Itsuko tell to her friends that she wants to find out who the mysterious musician who plays the harmonica and wants him to do a song to her for her next show, she does not know that this is Takeshi Maehara, a boy who always irritated her.
12 The heart of a mom? Runway to heart A bit of Shiho Fuji past is revealed by Masahiko

The mothers of the main characters and the rest of the main characters make a cameo appearance.

Ran and Shijo perform together for the first time

Dream Heart holds an event for Mother Day for people and their mothers. But because of Shiho not having a mom she had to bring her dad along while Eiko and Ran bring their own mothers. During the event, Eiko asks Shiho where is her mother which cause Shiho to run off in tears. Eiko and Ran were confused what happened. Masahiko revealed that Shiho mother, Uta left her when she was a baby when he and her mother divorce and they haven't seen her since and also Uta was a Prism Star. Eiko and Ran were sad to hear this. While Eiko and Ran look for Shiho, Masahiko remembers the times before Uta left and Uta doing Sparkling Heart, Heartlight Shine and Heartful Luminous. When Eiko and Ran managed to find her they managed to comfort her about it and makes Shiho feel better. After the show and afterwhile Shiho is at her room at night looking at a picture of her and her mother together.

This episode also shows a flashback of Uta leaving Shiho and her doing Sparkling Heart, Heartlight Shine and Heartful Luminous.

13 Kikue Pop* Style*Life Miracle Dream Up! Kikue Tachibana Debut
With an upcoming fashion show soon the girls are practicing for the event. Miwako introduce Kikue to them who is also going to participate in the show. The girls are interested in Kikue and decide to spend the day with her. Kikue managed to do a Prism Show at the show.
14 Let's new girls! Part 1 Better and Joyful Life Midori Aoki, Satomi Ueda, Eri Nobumoto and Yoshimi Watanabe Debut

Saki Takagi Debuted

The girls found about the next competition called Pearl Tournament and decide to train together with Shiho as a trainer. Shiho don't want any distractions but the girls found a new girl called Eri Nobumoto who is lost from her friends and Ran and Eiko decide to help. They managed to to get back to her friends and see their agency, Sparkling Rainbow. Later on they managed to see each of those girls Prism Shows on the Prism Web and managed to found out about them.
15 Let's New girls! Part 2 Better and Joyful Life Sumire Kudo, Iona Bandō and Takami Kakura debut
After the girls found about the new team they decide to train more, Ran discuss with Shiho because she don't want to be rival of anyone. That's when Ran encounters the girls of Edel Rose. Iona Bando wants to compete with Ran to see who are better. Iona defeats Ran. Ran decide that she is going to win the Pearl Tournament.
16 Hello My Mascot We Will Win Each group of the main characters get a mascot partner, a Pair-Star.
With the Pearl Tournament coming up the girls of the company that are in a more superior level and for those in Sparkling Rainbow and Edel Rose receives a Pair-Star. The Pair-Star's help the girls with there lessons. The girls all laughed together at the end of the episode in the president's office. 
17 Our First Really Battle! Bliss Stars(Ran)

Flower Gem(Shiho)

Move More Than ever(Kikue)

Novel Dramatic(Satomi)

I see the colors(Midori)

The Pearl Tournament begins

Ran My Song Debuted

Shiho My Song Debuted

Kikue Ran My Song Debuted

Satomi My Song Debuted

Midori My Song Debuted

Kenjiro Yoshioka Debuted

The Pearl Tournament Begins!, the topic for the first round was a spring coordination. Ran, Midori, Kikue, Iona, Sumire, Takami, Eri, Yoshimi, and Eiko both make it pass the first round. Midori was nervous for the second round so Sumire and Ran comforted her. The girls meets Kenjiro who reavals to be the President of Prism Star Association before the second began. Soon the Second round began with Ran, Shiho, Kikue, Satomi and Midori performing.
18 Passionate Lovely (Eri)

I can't stop myself(Yoshimi)

Rosa (Iona)

Peach Bird(Sumire)

Awake everybody!(Takami)

Bliss Stars

The Pearl Tournament ends with the winner being Ran

Eri My Song Debuted

Yoshimi My Song Debuted

Iona My Song Debuted

Sumire My Song Debuted

Takami My Song Debuted

continued from the second round with Sumire, Iona, Yoshimi, Takami and Eri. The winners the second round are Sumire, Iona, Yoshimi, Takami, Ran and Eri. Before the final round Shiho was frustrated and wondered Why she didn't go into the third round Washichi came up to her and told her that she has to put her heart in it more causing her to wondered what he meant. After the third round ended with the winner being Ran thus makes her the winner of the Pearl Tournament who has makes Shiho realises than she truly needs to understands what are Prism Shows are about.

Masao Gamō and Seiji Yamagata debuted

The gang learn about the Luminous Series, Heartlight Shine, Sparkling Heart and Heartful Luminous. They find out that Seiji is the owner and designer of Prism Stone (Shop). The Prism Hunt winner is Shiho.

The gang go on a Prism Hunt to get a Luminous Prism Stone. Later the girls meets Masao and Seiji who are watching the Prism Hunt and Seiji reveal that he is the owner of Prism Stone (Shop) which they visited. Miwako tells the girls very important information.
20 A prism tale is a prism happy Naomi and Ran Perform together

Noemi Koemi Special Appearance

The gang visit Prism Land to do a show when they hear a man with glasses telling about some legends about the world of Prism Shows. When Ran hear about the Prism Messenger she decides to try to find one and takes off sprinting through the park, on the run she ends up bumping into a girl named Naomi and the two decide to search together.
21 Summer Special Breakdown Spash Dream Ran and Kikue form a temporary duo
All the Prism Stars (our heroines) won a special vacation at the Prism Water Park but is when the holidays end soon because they need compete against each other to see who won the chance to debut at the stage of the park entitled to an exclusive music.
22 A really fan love
Sparkling Rainbow, Dream Heart and Edel Rose decides to hold a contest with a Prism Show with fans. Soon they meet the winners. After the Prism Shows the three winners tell the gang that they want to become a Prism Star as well.

Midori Aoki did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm and perform a Prism Transform

Satomi Ueda did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm and perform a Prism Transform

Eri Nobumoto did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm and perform a Prism Transform

Yoshimi Watanabe did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm and perform a Prism Transform.

The summer holidays begins and it shows Mystique practicing their very hardest. Saki comes up to them and tells them that each of them are going to do a show by themselves and so are Iona, Sumire and Takami as well in order to unlock their Prism Transformation and Prism Rhythm the next day. As each of those girls went on there on to reflect there feelings

Sumire Kudo did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm

Iona Bandō did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm

Takami Kakura did a performance by herself and was able to perform and unlock her Prism Rhythm

Continued from the last episode Takami, Sumire and Iona performed there shows. The episode ends with the three groups agreeing that their summer is just starting. 
Sumire is set up to be a actress to a drama but
The heroines are going to a Russian circus troupe where Takami meets the ringmaster son name Oleg Ivanovich Shabalin who's too shy to perform but wants to.
Iona is going to be doing a solo performance by herself to advertise a brand of shampoo. But begins to have doubts as she
Ran is picked to train some new recruits for Dream Heart for a few days. But
29 Our Links U-Nation Eiko and Ran finally became friends with Shiho and Kikue.
Eiko, Ran, Shiho and Kikue school trip has been decided to be Osaka. The girls pledged to try their hardest together and work as a group and be friends forever.
Kikue visits her old model agency where she is elected to do a Prism Show for them. Soon Kikue meets a timid and quiet little girl name Sakura who was a fan of hers but doesn't have the confidence to be a model. Kikue wants to help her but starts to have cold feet and Midori is the first to notice. 
Mystique are at an resort to perform a show
32 Out of Volume

Selvage Tune




Volume Crescendo Session Starts

Seiji and Eiko begin to have feelings for each other.


Volume Crescendo Session Ends

vowing and saying seriously that they will win for sure. In the end the girls open up to each other and cry together while a bright star is shining in the sky. 

All the hearts connected.

Mytical Muse Gallery Joyful Muse is formed

Starlight is formed

Mystique is formed

The 3 units finally became friends with each other.

At a Prism Festival Ran is very pensive and sees the formation of Starlight and Mystique. She decides to form a unit with her friends.

The gang families meet each other for the first time

game show
36 They appear the most exotic rivals Selvage Tune Fever Fusion Debut
The girls hear about a traveling group that has been a hit so they decide to investigate.

The girls reveal their other dreams beside wanting to be Prism Star.

38 Mystique, Joyful Muse, Starlight and Fever Fusion decided to split up and shuffle for the Starlight Tournament, Emerald Cup and Spring Session.

Takeshi Morimoto, Kogoro Suzukawa, Arata Funatsu, Bunji Hisamoto, Daiki Ninomiya, Chikara Ogiwara, Kenta Coda, Satoru Arakawa and Gin Hoshimiya debuted

The girls find out that Kogoro is the owner and designer of Dear Crown.

Its Prism Day where tributes are made to some of the most famous Prism Stars in the world and Joyful Muse, Lila, Fever Fusion, Mystique and Starlight need to make a tribute.
Iona is set up to be a TV host to a programme that's about Prism Show and everything related to it but she begins to wonder if she can really do this.
41 I'm a big sister!? Kikue younger twins half siblings, Akemi and Goro Tachibana are born. And the gang learns about Kikue biological father.

The girls learn that Shiho is Uta Orihara daughter.

The girls have a sleepover at Ran house.
Alumin to Dream Heart, the current Prism Queen named , the current Prism King named, the current Luminous Queen named, and the current Symphonia Godess named comes for a visit.
44 Joyful Muse is defeated by Lila Misaki who got into a tie with Starlight.
Its Halloween and Dream Heart and Sparkling Rainbow put on an event together with a Prism Show Showdown with Lila, Starlight and Joyful Muse. In the end, Joyful Muse and Starlight vowed that they will do their best to surpass Lila.
45 The Starlight Tournament begins

Kenta and Kikue begin to have feelings for each other.

Arata and Shiho begin to have feelings for each other.

Kogoro and Eri begin to have feelings for each other.


Satoru and Iona begin to have feelings for each other.

Takeshi and Yoshimi begin to have feelings for each other.

Chikara and Sumire begin to have feelings for each other.


Gin and Takami begin to have feelings for each other.

Daiki and Midori begin to have feelings for each other.

Bunji and Satomi begin to have feelings for each other.

The Starlight Tournamet ends.

vowing and saying seriously that they will win for sure. 
48 Ran and Masao a love between dances!? DJ Impact Exiciter!

Ran and Masao Fight

They start to compete with each other but they end performing together

Ran and Masao end up fighting over cookies and misunderstandings. They then seek to see who is the best.
Midori is told to make up a fairytale story for
Sumire is set up to be a actress to a drama but

The Rose Cup begins.

53 Sumire Strong Resolve Between two petals

The Rose Cup ends.

Sumire and Iona win

Sumire this anxious to enter with Iona in the competition. Has then several of her fans wonder if one day she will debut a movie since it is her dream to be an actress, Sumire comes into doubt since she realises that it is more focused on prism shows than her acting career. Iona need to help her quickly. Iona helps Sumire realises that she will be able to what she loves at the same time together due to the fact her actings is getting more attention.
Yoshimi is told to do a show by herself of her dream to be a musician
55 The candid smile You May Dream
Its Christmas, Ran and her friends end up being invited to attend a special Christmas program in an orphanage and find that they need to come up with a theater and a Prism Show for children next to Daisy Misaki !?
56 Dream Year Skipper Cheki Love
Eiko invites her friends to a birthday party at her house, whereupon her mother know she want to give a secret gift for her daughter. The girls end up finding that sweet Eiko's mother can be daunting if they can not keep Eiko occupied until her present come.
Joyful Muse are practicing under the watchful eye of Juri. When they perform, Juri feels as if something is wrong even though they are in sync.
Eri gets a fever and while her parents away her sister takes care of her.
59 Shocking Truth Masahiko Fuji revealed a shocking truth about himself, Shiho and his ex-wife, Uta.
60 The secret team reveals ...the code is Porcelain


String Princess

Marionette Debut

Marionette wants to compete with Joyful Muse

Daisy decides to reveal an important announcement and invites everyone to a secret show. Which reveals that she will have a partner in the world of Prism shows!
61 The happiness and the sad old story Get my music

Juri decides to train the girls 

Juri tells the girls her past with Uta

Juri performs once again

decides to hold a training camp for Joyful Muse
Eiko is set up to do a fashion show and Prism Show by herself but she begins to doubts if she can do this.
Satomi wants to create a story for a competition but she have to get over her self doubt in order to do it.
The Prism Show Showdown between Marionette and Joyful Muse Begins.
65 Part 1
International Prism exhibition Event called Stardust Session is taking place and this year it's in Japan where international Prism Stars come to it and perform there Prism Shows.
67 Part 3
The 3 units become one unit called Sparkling Hearts in a showdown with Lila which they managed to beat her.

They become friends with Lila and Marionette. The episode ends with the mysterious black haired woman (seemingly to be Uta Fuji) staring at the girls as they walk by.

During this time, Juri found out that Shiho is really her greatest rival's daughter. In the end, all the adults are feeling uneasy about the events that have happened.
70 The Moonlight Session begins
72 The Moonlight Session end
Uta seems to have been seen by Juri and Masahiko...
73 Juri explains to the gang about Uta being her old rival and more about the Luminous Series.
74 Emerald Cup Begins
76 Emerald Cup ends
77 Shiho come face to face with her mother after all these years.
During one of Joyful Muse shows, Shiho and Masahiko sees Uta in the audience. Shiho called out Uta but she refused to say that Shiho is her daughter.
use the opportunity to get to get the rest of the girls and their love interest to confess to each other.
79 Uta loses her memories of Shiho and Masahiko to the Luminous World.
80 When the best is sealed Chained Formula

Lila got possed by a dress secretly given to her by Uta and gets controlled by her.

The girls are interviewed, and talked about their past with friends/rivals that they met, the competitions they were in. The episode itself was a flashback for Joyful Muse, Starlight and Mystique.
The girls complete their performance and the audience is unable to choose between them and applaud them three.
The design became the new product of Prism Stone

Joyful Muse, Mystique and Starlight set out to save Lila heart

86 Bits of Uta and Masahiko Fuji are reavealed.

The 3 units manage to rescue Lila.

to have a designer showdown between the Prism Star designer around the world with Eiko and Midori as few of the judge. But
It's valentine day. The presidents decide to pair the girls The boys do couple like things with there individual love interest. They spent time with each other and took pictures. It ended with the couples watching the fireworks together.

Ran performed Heartlight Shine


Ran performed Sparkling Heart


The Twilight Grand Prix begins

The judges gave Lila a perfect score, 10000/10000 carats, putting her in first place.

Ran becomes Luminous Queen.

Uta turns everyone joy into sadness and captures Ran. She tells her that the only way to be the best is to cast aside everything and forgot the positive and important things in life, and plans to complete and fulfilled what she had started and what she wants by her own designs and cover the world in Darkness but Ran Fights back telling her she's wrong. As Uta begins to cover the Luminous World in darkness Ran managed to complete the jump by the help of everyone in the world and her friends encouragements and telling her positive things and her never giving up attitude. Ran delved into the Luminous world and freed everyone and managed to rescue the good side of Uta soul from Luminous World and purified the dark Luminous Stones and showed Uta that no one is ever lonely, her (Ran) memories and her (Uta) own memories and that she was successful in her jump and that their is always light no matter how small it is nor how big the darkness is to it and their always hope no matter what, Ran managed to complete it but managed make her own version of the jump Heartful Luminous Blitz where everyone managed to do Heartful Luminous and asks to make their own happiness by following their dreams and hearts. After that Uta revealed that her original dream was to make a show that even the most unhappy people to smile. Shiho called to Uta. Uta turns to embrace her daughter, the scene becoming a tearful reunion.
Now that Twinkle Star Grand Prix is over, everyone moves on towards the future and their dreams.

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