This is collab Fanseries between NattySakura and LunarSolar.

This series is set in an alternative world that is a mix of Mia's and Aira's world and Naru's World so the kind of Prism Jumps, Coordination, Dance, the amount of fan calls and the number of chained jumps affect their score in tournaments.


Pretty Rhythm Heartful Heart Episodes

It evolves around a girl named Ran Imoto who, is scouted to become a Prism Star. Joined by her new friends they work towards of being great Prism Stars but soon have to overcome obstacles in their way.

Their are Prism Shows all over the country.


Joyful Muse

They are part of Dream Heart.

Ran Imoto

Shiho Fuji

Itsuko Ashiya

Kikue Tachibana


They're part of Sparkling Rainbow

Midori Aoki

Satomi Ueda

Eri Nobumoto

Yoshimi Watanabe


They're part of Edel Rose.

Their trio jumps are Prism Fire Rose Hurricane, Cheerful Hip Hop Win and Prism Rainbow Hurricane Max.

Sumire Kudo

Iona Bandō

Takami Kakura

Supporting Characters

Lila Misaki: Is the new rival of the girls is a top prism star with a line of perfumes. She loves flowers and gardening. She performed these Prism Jumps, La Flamme D'Amour, Emperor's Dance, L'amour de L'ange, Star Splash, Shiny Diamond Dust Burning, Miss Fairy Girl and Eternal Big Bang.

Daisy Misaki: Lila little sister because of her appearance they call her "doll" she is more serious about things. She always stay with her big sister. She Performed these Prism Jumps, Exciting Memorial Heart, Throbbing Memory Leaves, Shining Love Cupid, World Love Cupid, Swingng Heart Rhythm, Miracle Macchiato, Galactical Galaxy Shower, Galactical Galaxy Dive.

Marron Sukino: Is Daisy Misaki partner in their unit called Marionette. She looks like Daisy in personality.

Masao Gamō

Seiji Yamagata

Takeshi Morimoto

Kogoro Suzukawa

Arata Funatsu

Bunji Hisamoto

Daiki Ninomiya

Chikara Ogiwara

Kenta Coda

Gin Hoshimiya

Satoru Arakawa

Miwako Kobayashi - she is a former Prism Star who's the President of Dream Heart, is shown to be bit obsessed with money and is very focused on getting the best talent. She is also a dance instructor and she is very strict with training her stars but is very kind to them. She performed Crystal Splash

Washichi Hoshino - he is Miwako assistant. He has the ability to see who will become great stars above all stars. He's very friendly, intelligent and calm and collected.

Kenjiro Yoshioka - he's the president of Prism Show association as well as a former Prism Star.

Saki Takagi - she's the president of Sparking Rainbow as well as a former Prism Star.


They're mascot of the series. They can speak human language. They can turn into a accessory for whenever a Prism Show.




Other Characters

Uta Fuji

Masahiko Fuji - A accountant and father to Shiho. He is smart and strong. He is very protective of Shiho and will do anything to protect her and keep her from harm. He is keep many secrets from Shiho in order to protect her. His ex-wife is Uta Fuji.

Sonoko Imoto - she is a jewelry designer and the mother of Ran. She is married to Heiji Imoto.

Heiji Imoto - father of Ran and husband of Sonoko. He's a doctor.

Hitomi Aoki - she's a house wife. She's the mother of Midori and wife to Shinichi Aoki.

Shinichi Aoki - He's a businessman who currently away on business. He's the father of Midori and wife to Hitomi Aoki.

Yuko Watanabe - the mother of Yoshimi and the wife of Genta Watanabe. She's a lawyer.

Genta Watanabe - he's a policemen. The father of Yoshimi and the husband of Yuko Watanabe.

Sayaka Ashiya - Is mother of Itsuko even she apparent to be a sweet woman she have a scary personality if her daughter are in danger. She is a housewife.

Roberto Ashiya - Is father of Itsuko who is a businessman. He is a half Italian and a half Japanese. He wants his daughter to have many experiences.

Kikyo Tachibana - Is the mother of Kikue. She's a dentist.

Benjamin Tachibana - Is the stepfather of Kikue, he's a bit clumsy but always tries to give his best as a husband and father, and sometimes unsafe. He works in the same company as Roberto. His family is Japanese but he was born in England.

Akemi and Goro Tachibana- Kikue younger twins half siblings who were born later in the series.

Miho Nobumoto - the mother of Eri and Kaede and wife to Daisuke. She's a pastry chef in her own shop called Sweet Sunshine.

Daisuke Nobumoto - he's a doctor. The father of Eri and Kaede and husband to Miho.

Kaede Nobutmoto- Eri little sister. Unlike Eri, she's mature and cool; she knows a lot about Prism Stars. She also seems to be very intelligent. She is more level headed than Eri but looks up to her big sister.

Kin Bandō - the father to Iona and husband to Masako. He's a writer.

Masako Bandō- the mother of Iona and wife to Kin. She's a company employee.

Yura Ueda - the mother of Satomi and wife to Tomonori. She's a novelist.

Tomonori Ueda - the father of Satomi and husband to Yura. He's an author.

Megumi Kudo - the mother of Sumire and her siblings. She's a newscaster.

Hiroshi Kudo - the father of Sumire and her siblings. He's Edel Rose Supervisor

Michio, Haru, Ai and Chie Kudo- Sumire younger sisters.

Nori, Hozumi and Orochi Kudo - Sumire younger brothers.

Maria Kakura - shes Takami mother. She's a surgeon.

Heiji Kakura - he's Takami father. He's a dentist.

Fever Fusion

Sayaka Kanon - Is the leader of the new unit group at pretty rhythm heartful heart, she is the leader and compositor. She said that she likes Ran's "Groove".

Shion Kori - Is part of the new unit is the best dancer of the group. She likes to draw clothes to.

Kotori Chieko -  Is part of the new unit. She is the best singer of the group.

Juri Renno - she is a former Prism Star and is now a teacher at Dream Heart. She is a old rival of Uta.


  • Twinkle Star Grand Prix - Like the Prism Queen Cup, it's one of the most prestigious tournament in Japan and compete, one must obtain outstanding points in the completions within the Luminous series and the winner will be recongised as the ultimate Prism Star. The winner will get the title Luminous Queen.
  • Little Star Grand Prix - Its a final competition only new stars can compete.
  • Starlight Tournament - is a tournament where teams compete for Karats. It is required to have a team that has a minimum of 5 members. The prize is a Prism Stone containing
  • Emerald Cup - Is a tournament where it is required to have a team of 5, but perform one-by-one.
  • Moonlight Session - is a trio tournament where teams must compete with each other.
  • Pearl Tournament - The topic for the first round was a four seasons coordination. Like the Tiara Cup, if you win, you’re praised as the herald of the next generations Prism Shows and receive a wonderful rare stone.
  • Spring Session - it to win points and a Luminous Prism Stone to participate in the Twinkle Star Grand Prix. It's a quartet competition.
  • Aqua Session - The number of groups of participants is not fix so solo and group participation are possible. It's to win enough points and Luminous Series Prism Stones to participate in the Twinkle Star Grand Prix. The top 6 will be the winners. The winners currently in the Aqua Session are Fever Fusion, Joyful Muse, Mystique, Kimiko Shibuki, Lila Misaki and Starlight.
  • Rose Cup - it's a duo tournament.
  • Volume Crescendo Session - It's a unit competition.

Prism Jumps

Single Jumps

  • Swimming Seal Dive - She meets with seals on a beach feed them fish and they dive into the ocean and she follows them. (Swimming) She swims after them and do some swimming moves and when the seals dive up. (Seal) She follows them up by dive up. (Dive)
  • Clover Shower - similar to Stardust Shower but instead its clovers.
  • Golden Horseshoe Collaboration - Wile doing a one-foot liftoff, several horses met her and then she mounted the red-pink one and they started running in a spiral path before bucking them off and allowing her to grab a large horseshoe, which was gold.
  • Chocolate Basket - like Fresh Fruit Basket buts its chocolate instead
  • Butterfly Splash where she is dancing with her butterfly wings in water and then she jumps causing a big splash and along with water, sparkles from the wings come down fall down
  • Eternity snow that looks a lot like the aurora rising but instead it was Snowflakes and crystals.

The jump shows the user life was.

Duo Jumps

  • Chocolate Basket Duo
  • Berry Basket Duo
  • Swimming Seal Dive Duo: she do with a partner this time
  • Choco-Choco Splash Duo - when they spin together, different kind of chocolates come out of it.
  • Clover Shower Duo - similar to Stardust Shower Duet but instead its clovers.
  • Hime Gemstones - the girls are skating on gemstones that pieces go on their clothes and Anticrepuscular rays shine them making lights come out of the gemstones which form together to make the girls look like princess.
  • Butterfly Garden - Both of them gain butterfly wings of a butterfly and they fly around in garden full of butterflies.
  • Prism stone splash duo- Similar to Heart Splash Duo, instead there are prism stones
  • Golden Horseshoe Collaboration - Wile doing a one-foot liftoff, several horses met her and Sonoko, and then she mounted the red-pink one while Sonoko mounted a blue-purple, and they started running in a spiral path before bucking them off and allowing them to grab a large horseshoe, which was gold.
  • Flower Shower Duo - similar to Stardust Shower Duet but instead its flowers.
  • Star Arc Fantasy - similar to Heart Arc Fantasy but with stars instead.
  • Heart Splash Duo- The girls spin and jump high enough to see that hearts are surrounded by them. Marionette performs this jump
  • Miracle Unicorn - Both of them walk in a meadow and come across a unicorn finish drinking from a lake. They went on it and it galloped through meadows where it creates new plants, flowers and animals and give them food to all of them. "Miracle Unicorn" Saayaka and Midori performed it at the Rose Cup
  • Sacred Swan Secret: the two of them come across swans on a lake and she began to flap their wings and fly. The girls gain swan wings and fly with them. They come across a secret treasure chest on a mountain top so they flew down and open it to reveal treasures related to swans. Saayaka and Midori performed it at the Rose Cup.
  • Mermaid Wonder - Both girls at a beach when they dive into the water. Their legs become tails and swim around doing tricks. (Mermaid) They get to a coral reef and jump out to the surface. (Wonder) Saayaka and Midori performed it at the Rose Cup.
  • Rose Lavender Splash - the girls jump together and they spin together and lavender and rose petals come out of them. Shion and Yoshimi performed it at the Rose Cup.
  • Peacock Feathers Treasure - The girls jump onto a garden fill with Peacocks and they soon get to ride them of two big statues of the peacocks which one is made of gold. Each when on top of a different statues and they clapped together to reveal a treasure between the statues which reveal peacock feathers made of gold. It soon rain peacock feathers, regular and many in different colours around them and the audience. Shion and Yoshimi performed it at the Rose Cup.
  • Tap Dance Party - Doing a beginning salchow jump, different pairs of shoes, mostly tap shoes, and then several started dancing without feet to wear them soon met them. They soon put a pair on, and then they started dancing along with them, and they danced with the shoes. Shion and Yoshimi performed it at the Rose Cup.
  • Sweet Berries Waltz - They do twirls while holding their foot, let's go and jumps into the air, spins while holding each others hands. Berries come out of them as we'll. They skate on them together while doing a side-by-side camel spins. When skating on them they cut pieces off which becomes more berries of the pieces it came from. Than they say the jumps name. Both are smiling and laughing the entire time. Sumire and Iona performed it at the Rose Cup.
  • Sunshine Knockout - The girls skated towards each other and they tossed their batapons into the air while both catching each other's in perfect sync, before they used their toe picks to jump towards each other, they took each other's hands, started spinning together, before Haruka tossed Sonoko in the air, and Sonoko punched the sun, and then it started shinning even brighter on the two of them, before they said, "Sunshine Knockout!". Kotori and Eri performed it at the Rose Cup.
  • Fluttering Petals of Lovely Duet - the two were skating towards each other while spinning their Batopan, they did a simultaneous single Axel spin. In mid-air, they released several flower seeds from their hearts, which blossomed into red and purple flowers. They say the jumps name. They posed together with their hands up, and then against each other's palms as waves of their flowers poured from behind them, and soon covered the sky of the stage. They then spun their arms to do a 180 and they were being showered with their flowers from below, and did some flips before landing on a bed of their flower petals. Kotori and Eri performed it at the Rose Cup.
  • Heavenly Harmony - they do an Axel jump up, and them jumped there were rainbow-colored music notes behind them playing heavenly melodies, then they flared out her arms and they grabbed each others hands and twirl together and the notes exploded. Kotori and Eri performed it at the Rose Cup.
  • Infinite Prism Royal Phoenix: Same as Naru and Bell's except the wings are Multi yellow color. It appeared in ep 21 and by Ran and Kikue
  • Rainbow Floral: 7 clovers(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) appear in the air and she and her partner flies in the air tapping each of the clovers in the order of a rainbow starting at red. After they tap each clovers once all the clovers forms a rainbow. It appeared in Ep 21 and perform by Ran and Kikue.

Trio Jumps

  • "Heart Wonder" - they were was skating around, each making a heart shape on the ice rink and when she finally finished with the heart it started to glow and started shooting small heart out, she just continued spinning then suddenly she stopped and jumped making the hear to scatter. Its one of Joyful Muse Jumps.
  • Spade Spin - They spin together and golden spades come out and they step on them making explode into fireworks. Its one of Joyful Muse Jumps.
  • Fairies Dew Drop - the girls become fairies and they begin to fly and dew drops fell from their wings. They fly all over the world. Its one of Joyful Muse Jumps.
  • Lucky Clovers - the girls jumps on 3 leaf clovers and they turn into four leaf. They soon join and clapped together. Soon Four leaf clover started to rain around them, the audience and on stage. Its one of Starlight Jumps.
  • Shining Galaxy - The girls skate on the Milky Way with the other galaxies and lots of stars in the background. They than jump to another galaxy and skate on it and they do for the rest of the galaxies and they joined hands and they spin together. The part where they say Shining Galaxy is just like when Mion says Do Re Mi fa Slider! Same wink as stuff. Its one of Starligt Jumps.
  • Ocean Love - the girls do a flip jump and the scene change into an ocean. The girls ride on a huge wave and then they jumped into the ocean and dance with the Sea turtles, sea horses, fishes and dolphins. Soon they begin to ride the sea turtles which they begin to rise out the watering and the girls shaped they're hands into a heart and shout out the jumps name. Its one of Starligt Jumps.
  • Moonlight Night - The background turned into a night sky with a full moon in the sky and the girls went through the moon and broke into pieces of glass and which it turn into crescent moons. Its one of Mystique Jumps.


  • Dream Heart - It's similar to Pretty Top but with a few differences. The president, founder and owner is Miwako Kobayashi.
  • Edel Rose
  • Sparkling Rainbow - is a Prism Star agency. It's also a Prism Star school.


  • Melody Academy - it has grades from the beginning of kindergarten to the end of high school. It's where Joyful Muse and Starlight go to.
  • Sweet Sunshine - Miho Nobutmoto pastry shop.


  • Luminous Series
  • Prism Live:
    • Takami Prism Live is a flute.
    • Iona Prism Live is a cello.
    • Ran Prism Live is a trumpet
    • Shiho Prism Live is a oboe
    • Eiko Prism Live is a mandolin
  • Prism Transform - It is an appeal that slows you transform your outfit during a Prism Show. Sumire Kudo, Iona Bandō and Takami Kakura knew how to do it before the series bega
  • Prism Festival - a festival related to all kinds of Prism Stars and Prism Show related things.



  • Runway to Heart


  • Better and Joyful life

Insert Songs

  • Purple Addiction
  • Happy Bunny*Happy Motivation
  • Garden Enter
  • Make it happen!
  • Porcelain Doll
  • Selected Star
  • Dance!Dance!Dance!
  • Selvage Tune
  • Bliss Stars


  • Memory Crystal - a large rainbow crystal that where all known Prism Messengers erased memories are stored and can only be access to in emergencies.


  • Masao Gamō is very similar to Hibiki Tōdō of PRAD and Kazuki Nishina of PRRL but with a few differences.
  • Seiji Yamagata is very similar to  Shō of PRAD and Yunsu of PRDMF but with a few differences.
  • Shiho Fuji is very similar to Rizumu Amamiya of PRAD and Bell Renjōji of PRRL but with a few differences.
  • Eiko Ashiya is very similar to Aira Harune of PRAD and Ayami Ōruri of PRDMF but with a few differences.
  • Midori Aoki is  very similar to Naru Ayase of PRRL and Otoha Takanashi of PRRL but with a few differences.
  • Satomi Ueda is  very similar to Serena Jōnouchi of PRAD and Wakana Morizono of PRRL but with a few differences.
  • Fusae Coda is very similar to Sonata Amamiya of PRAD and Kintaro Asechi of of PRDMF but with a few differences.
  • Iona Bandō is  very similar to Kanon Tōdō of PRAD and So Min of PRDMF but with a few differences.
  • Takami Kakura is like Yong Hwa from PRDMF and Kaname Amamiya from PRAD in few ways.
  • Ran Imoto is very similar to Mia Ageha of PRDMF and Hye In of PRDMF but with a few differences.
  • Kikue Tachibana is very similar to Chae Kyung of PRDMF and Ann Fukuhara of PRRL but with a few differences.
  • Eri Nobumoto is  very similar to Shi Yoon of PRDMF and Jae Eun of PRDMF but with a few differences.
  • Miwako Kobayashi is very similar to Kyōko Asechi of PRAD and Michelle of PRDMF but with a few differences.
  • Sumire Eda is very similar to Reina Miyama of PRDMF and Karin Shijimi of PRDMF but with a few differences.
  • Yoshimi Watanabe is very similar to Mion Takamine of PRAD and Ito Suzuno of PRRL but with a few differences.
  • Takeshi Maehara is very similar to Wataru of PRAD and Kōji Mihama of PRRL but with a few differences.
  • Heart Flash is similar to Cute Flash from Aikatsu
  • Spade Flash is similar to Sexy Flash from Aikatsu
  • Sakura Arrow is similar to Angel Arrow from Aikatsu
  • Nattysakura so allowing me to use some jump that were given to her.
  • The canon jumps make an appearance in this series.
  • Prism Live it has elements of Prism Cooking in this and Anyone can do it.