Pretty Hime coord Edit

Mermaid Coord

This coord was originally designed by Asuka, she believes that she will be a fashion designer and prism star one day, just like her Aira Harune. Her friends all wear this coord when it comes to group dance and singing. Sayaka, the one who loves the story of The Little Mermaid, is amazed by this design and says if she can keep this prism stone as friendship gift, because Asuka designed it.

Pretty Hime Coord

Mermaid gown- The design clearly shows the way the bow on back is tied like mermaid's fin.

Winter Gown Edit


This coord was picked when Maria first joined the dou with Asuka. But someone evil stole this prism stone when she had to perform the group Winter princess tournament.

Hawaiian Flower fruit headband Edit

Hawaiian flower fruit headband

This accessories was made for Chris when she entered prism show with Maron, her childhood friend.

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