This the 2nd fan series created by Hoshimiyaichigo80

Plot Edit

Asuka Yukikawa is the main protagonist to this series.She is a cheerful girl who loves prism shows, one day she decides to tell her parents that wants to join prism show, because she saw the live prism show of Sophie Suzuki, the famous prism star performing her show, Asuka adores Sophie as her favorite idol. In the series it shows that Asuka is actually adopted by the Yukikawa family. But with help of her friends and coaches she finds her birth parents, Asuka biological parents has been captured by her evil rival coach, so Asuka loses one of her important tournaments to make the rival team win`and find her parents. Asuka and her friends travel through each fairytale to find their destined songs.

Character Edit

Dream Rose Edit

Princess Rockstars (Rival team) Edit

Twin Flowers Edit

Songs Edit

  • Dream is a wish your heart makes( Maria)
  • Part of your world (Sayaka)
    Arisu as mermaid

    Asuka as mermaid

  • Someday my prince will come (Asuka)
  • Alice(underground) (Erina)

Tournament Edit

  • Beauty Cup
  • Best Princess Cup (Award)
  • Princess Tiara Cup
  • Princess Gown Cup
  • Best gown cup
  • Pure Princess Cup
  • White Christmas Cup(Award)
  • Best Fairytale Cup (Award)

Prism jumps Edit

  • Singles and Dous and Trios group
Single Prism Show Duo Prism Show Trio prism Show
  • Chocolate Basket(Sakura)
  • Berry Basket(Asuka)
  • Rose Shower (Akari)
  • Rose Shower Perfect(Akari)
  • Super Rose Shower(Akari)
  • Jewel Birthstones (Chris)
  • Lovely Fairy (Maron)
  • Butterfly Splash(Maron)
  • Eternal Ice(Marina)
  • Aurora Tail(Haruhi)
  • Lavender Rising(Asuka)
  • Flowers Sparks(Asuka)
  • Swimming Seal Dive(Sayaka)
  • Crystal Star Break (Maria)
  • Spade Flash (Erina)
  • Heart Flash(Erina)
  • Clover Shower(Erina)
  • Rose Tornado(Akari)
  • Phoenix Blaze Wings(Marina)
  • Wonderful Concerto(Sakya)
  • Golden Horseshoe Collaboration(Sakuara)
  • Sakura Arrow (Maron)
  • Angelic Wings Feathers(Sayaka)
  • Chocolate Basket Duo (Akari and Sakura)
  • Berry Basket Duo (Asuka and Erina)
  • Macron Swirls(Sakura and Maria)
  • Swimming Seal Dive Duo(Sayaka and Marin)
  • Moonlight Sonata Piano (Maron and Asuka)
  • Miracle Unicorn (Maron and Erina)
  • Sacred Swan Secret (Haruhi and Erina)
  • Mermaid Wonder(Sayaka and Marin)
  • Rose Lavender Splash (Akari and Asuka)
  • Peacock Feathers Treasure
  • Choco-Choco Splash Duo( Sakura and Maria)
  • Heavely Harmony(Sayaka and Chris)
  • Tap Dance Party(Chris and Maron)
  • Sunshine Knockout (Sayaka and Maron)
  • Fluttering Petals of Lovely Duet(Akari and Maria
  • Clover Shower Duo (Chris and Haruhi)
  • Hime Gemstones (Erina and Chris)
  • Butterfly Garden(Maron and Asuka)
  • Golden Horseshoe Collaboration(Sayaka and Erina)
  • Flower Shower Duo (Asuka and Chris)
  • Star Arc Fantasy (Akai and Sayaka)
  • Sweet Berries Waltz(Asuka and Maron)
  • "Heart Wonder"
  • Fairies Dew Drop
  • Lucky Clovers
  • Shining Galaxy
  • Ocean Love
  • Moonlight Night

Trivia Edit

  • Maria and Asuka as the partners for Beauty Cup
  • Asuka Finds her biological parents

Images Edit

Maria elegance purple coord
Maria Smith and Asuka Yukikawa

Maria And Asuka as partners to win beauty cup

Chris's first prism show

Chris's First prism show

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