Pretty Rhythm Crystal Clarillon takes place one to two years after Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.


Fifteen year old Arisaka Yuna who loves designing clothes soon gets thrown into the world of prism shows.



  • Arisaka Yuna
    • The protagionist of Pretty Rhythm Crystal Clarillon. She has a huge love for fashion, but didn't know what she what she could do with her love for clothing until she encountered Prism Shows. Her best friend is Kagayaki Miya who she met after her prism show. Her signature jump is "Kira Kira Shining Star Hearts", her signature prism act is "Crystal Carillon." Her fashion elelment is Lovely.
  • Kagayaki Miya
    • The rival to best friend of Yuna. She is very much like Mia, even name wise. After joining Pretty Top she kept it a secret from her parents until episode 12. She is shown to have a crush on Haruki, Yuna's older brother. She is shown to enjoy baking cakes. Her signature jump is "Poppin' Rainbow Candy", her signature prism act is "Sky High Pegasus." Her fashion element is Pop.
  • Nanami Momoka
    • The shy third member of Twillight. She auditioned for Twilight and was surprised when she won.
  • MARs
    •  MARs is the unit for Mion, Aria and Rizumu. All members of MARs were born under the Skater Goddess Constellation. And all of them have a love interest in the members of Callings. In Pretty Rhythm Dear My future Aira and Mars moved to the Symphonia Company in Episode 38 due to being brainwashed by the Symphonia Series. They Rejoin Pretty Top in episode 42 after Pruetty saved them. (And after preformed Sky High Symphonia)
  • ​Prizzmy 
    • Prizmmy☆ consists of four real girls named Mia, Reina, Ayami and Karin, who are fictionalized in the anime. The name Prizmmy☆ from Jun means 'Prism with Me'. The leader is Mia, who is extremely competitive and drags the others around. According to Mia, their goal is to defeat MARs. Each girl is shown to have a Pruetty counterpart.
  • Puretty
    • Their are a group coming from Korea they are the principal rival of Prizmmy and to the best friends. They consist too of four real girls,who are fictuonalized in the anime and they appear sometimes in this fan series. Each girl has a counterpart from Prizzmy except So Min.

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