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Watashi? ! Purizumusutā? !
Pretty Rhythm Crescendo Galaxy episode 01
私?! プリズムスター?!
"Me?! A Prism Star?!"
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Episode 02
Opening Start UP! Dream Live!
Insert Song(s) Dream Come True ~Kiseki to Tsubasa~
Ending TSUBASA ~Mirai no Hikari~
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki
Watashi? ! Purizumusutā? ! (私?! プリズムスター?!) is the 1st episode of Pretty Rhythm Crescendo Galaxy. This episode focuses on Kotomiya Kazumi's first Prism Show.

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When Kotomiya Kazumi is walking home from school one evening, she comes across Lilian, a newly opened fashion shop. Curious, Kazumi walks in and is offered a job there by Meganee as well as become a Prism Star! Will Kazumi accept the offer?

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The episode begins with Kotomiya Kazumi humming as she does her homework. Whilst doing her homework, she introduces herself only to be interrupted by her twin sister, Hibiki. Surprised, Kazumi starts to yell at Hibiki in which Hibiki then lightly flicks Kazumi's head and asks her what she was doing as she (Hibiki) got into bed. Kazumi then tells her sister that she was revising for the Science test they have the next day. Hibiki then starts to panic and starts to yell that she hasn't revised at all whih causes Kazumi to sigh. The opening song then plays.

After the opening song plays, Kazumi is seen in the Science test writing answers to the questions. The test then ends and the teacher gathers up the papers. TBA...

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