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Pretty Rhythm Crescendo Galaxy
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongStart UP! Dream Live!
Ending SongAzayakana
Series Info
Movie(s)Movie 01
SuccessorStarlight Galaxy

Pretty Rhythm Crescendo Galaxy (プリティーリズム・クレッシェンドギャラクシー) is the first series of the Pretty Rhythm Galaxy Series created by Chinatsu Kiseki.

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  • Kotomiya Kazumi (琴宮和美)
    The main protagonist of the series. Kazumi is an extremely introverted and rather quiet girl who never gives up. Despite being shy, she holds a lot of confidence and passion within her heart. She also has a kind heart and believes that no one could be bad. Her idol color is purple and her fashion element is lovely.
  • Himekawa Yozora (姫川夜空)
    A rich and snobby girl in Kazumi's grade, Yozora is the captain of her school's gym and ballet club. She is known throughout the school for her elegant but a little selfish nature. However, she wants to be less popular and more outcasted like Kazumi. Her idol color is blue and her fashion element is feminine.
  • Kizora Miyuki (黄空みゆき)
    An outgoing and always cheerful girl, Miyuki is energetic and very passionate. She is also a famous Prism Star under the name of Himawari (ひまわり) however, people have no idea that Miyuki and Himawari are the same person due to Miyuki taking on a different appearance before performing. Her idol color is yellow and her fashion element is pop.

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  • Hoshizawa Ayako (星澤あやこ) - The main antagonist of the series, Ayako is a selfish woman and looks down on pretty much everyone, excluding her daughter Kirara. Her store, StarColor, rivals Lilian.
  • Hoshizawa Kirara (星澤きらら) - A girl who believes she is better than everyone else and daughter of Ayako. She also believes she is above those like Kazumi and is an employee of her mother's store. Her idol color is orange and her fashion element is sexy.

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