Pretty Rhythm Aurora Bells is Maddie's (Splendidcities) first series.



(The characters names go Surname, First Name)

You May DreamEdit

Hoshizora Hiraku
Voiced By: Nishimura Chinami

A messanger from the Prism World who left to live on Earth, but unlike most messangers she ages. She is the leader of You May Dream. She gives of a "sparkly" aura and is most prominent when she is happy. She is a usually confused to some human things but stays optimistic in almost every situation. She is a worker at Prism Stone (after some begging) and the leader of You May Dream. It is shown in many episodes that she likes Izumi, even making him heart shaped chocolate for Valentine's day. (Though she did give chocolate Kasumi & Yuzuki) Because she is from the Prism World, she is an amazing Prism Star, yet she usually hides it. Her theme color changes but is usually white and her image brand is Star.

Fujimoto Shizuka
Voiced By: Kanemoto Hisako

The best friend and partner of Hikaru since her arrival.


Voiced By: Ōtani Ikue

The partner of Hikaru. Very ditzy she often forgets that she is outside the Prism World. She ends her sentences with ~pika.

Other CharactersEdit

Tachibana Alice
Voiced By: ???

The newest figure in charge of the Prism Realm, the space where Prism Stars change for Prism Shows. She noticed almost instantly that Hikaru was from the Prism World. She (like Meganee Akai) can make Prism Stone's from designs.



Dreamy Tournament




  • This is the first series (excluding fanmade) to have a Prism Messanger as the lead.
  • The name You May Dream is a reference to the first opening of Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream
    • Following that, there is many connection to the previous series. One is that Shizka has a poster of MARs (and many others) in her room.

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