Note Edit

You probably need to read up on this fan series here: link before reading this one, as that's the prequel to this.

Plot Edit

For the first stop on Madeline and Eihi's Pretty Rythm Tour, they stop in Prio de Janeiro. What kinds of idols will the two Divine Idols meet on the ice?

Newly Introduced Characters Edit

Usagi Fuyutsuki: A lovely type idol, she is very energetic, often goes into a sugar rush mode and uses the brand Cutie Candy. Before she did it by herself, Usagi always tried to convince her long time friend, Ageha Kozakura to go into Pripara with her and perform in the Prism Rink. Her strength in performing is her stamina. Her theme Color is white

Ageha Kozakura: A sexy type idol, she is Usagi's long time friend, who was once shy, but became more interested in beauty and idols a while back when she saw the Sleeping Rose Story Carnival on TV. She uses the brand Mariposa Elegance. Her strength in performing is her fashion coordination and grace. Her theme color is pink

Hachi Kanemaru: A pop type idol, Usagi is slightly afraid of her due to her queen bee persona outside of Pripara, but she actually has an energetic and busy personality inside of Pripara, and doesn't bother to think ahead all that often. She uses the brand Wild Charm. Her theme color is yellow.

Kameko Hiromi: A cool type idol who uses the brand Marine Star, she is a slow walker, who takes time to analyze things, and struggles with many subjects in school, but she has a calm personality. She, unlike when walikng, is very graceful on the ice in the Prism Rink. Her theme color is green.

Mascot Edit

Dori: The newly introduced characters all share one mascot, a lime green dog named Dori. He is very playful, and Kameko and Ageha have to keep him focused most of the time.

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