Pretty Rhythm: Stardust Trail is Alex's (Hostile Makeover) first Pretty Rhythm series.



Cosmos CelebrezEdit

  • Fujioka Haruka
    • Haruka is the protagonist of the series. She's the cheerful and sweet fifteen year old. She gives off a blushy aura. Her friend is Suzume, who she formed a duo team with. She loves her father and Hatsuharu who she refers to Haru-oji or Hachi. Her fashion element is Feminine.
  • Tanaka Suzume
    • Suzume is the best friend of Haruka. She's the stubborn and confident fifteen year old who always speaks her mind. Her friend is Haruka who she has a duo team with. She has a love for candy, which her jumps are based around. Her fashion element is Ethnic.
  • Kagome Madoka
    • Madoka is the third member of Cosmos Celebrez. She joined them when Haruka and Suzume needed a third member. She's rather imaginative and lively. She is often joining in on Suzume's stupid ideas. Her fashion element is Lovely.

Un-named TeamEdit


  • Kirameki

Other CharactersEdit

  • Fujioka Yuuki
    • Yuuki is the former Prism King and father of Haruka. He's the wife of Nanami. He gives off a blushy aura. He's best friends Hatsuharu who he calls "Haru-chan!" or Hachi. His fashion element was Cool.
  • Fujioka Nanami
    • Nanami is a fashion designer who is currently in France. She's the wife of Yuuki and mother of Haruka. She was the fashion designer for Prism Stone and was shown to admire Yuuki before they met.
  • Miyamoto Hatsuharu
    • Hatsuharu, known as "Haru" or "Haru-chan" is the best friend of Yuuki. He usually gives off a stotic appearance. When he did prism shows, his fashion element was Ethnic.






Insert SongsEdit

  1. Les Parfums de L'Amour (song from Cytus)
  2. Otome (song from Cytus)



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