" Let the sparkling light never disappear, shining future."

- Prism Goddess to Mirai, as she is on its way to Earth.

Pretty Rhythm: Sparkling light is a fanmade series of Millyna. It take places in the future and in the universe of Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream / Pretty Rhythm:Dear my future

Main Characters Edit

Akarui Mirai

"My name? I am the sining future, Akarui Mirai!"

- Mirai introduces herself after a Prism Show.

Mirai comes from the Prism World, but it is not a prism World messenger. She has the mysterious ability, memories, thoughts, and even the future of Prism Stars at Prism Jumps zulesen. She is the ambassador of light and was sent into this world, because the light threatens zuerlöschen. It seems everything about zuwissen Prism shows and dominated every jump, even the Aurora Rising. You but she never uses. Mirais signature jump, the "Melody Heart Splash" and the signature act of "Shine! Bright Future". Mirai is looking for a special Prism Star, which is the "daughter of light". She loves doves because she thinks that they are the ambassadors of the angels. At the end it is the last defendant in the "Infinity eternal heaven Cup".

Harune Hikari

Asechi Minako

Shijiri Shija

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