This is my first fan series of Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live.

Story Edit

Amuro Ayame is highly imaginative and tomboyish girl, she has an ability to sense the colors of music and want to become a prism star like Ito Suzuno, inspired by Ito's prism jumps, she decides to be a cool sort type of girl and enrolls at Rainbow Prism School, with her new friends, Ann Fukuhara and Hye Kyoung, when Amuro did her first prism show, she got a legendary prism jump named, Samurai Rainbow.

Characters Edit

Amuro Ayame

The protagonist of the series, she's cheerful and tomboyish, she has an ability to sense the colors of music, she's inspired by Ito Suzuno, decides to be a prism stars to share smiles and happiness to everyone in the whole world. She often speaks in Kyoto dialect which sometimes Hye didn't understand what she's saying, she's cool sort type of girl.

Ann Fukuhara

She's fresh and bubbly girl, she has an ability to sense the wind of music and extremely skilled at prism jump, she's pop sort type of girl.

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