Episode Number Title Featured Song(s)
1 Quest 1: The Dream Is Reborn?! Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

International Love
Let It Go

Whether or not the London Olympics inspired a generation, it certainly inspired 3 people. Laura, Natasha and Harriet now dream of competing in the Olympics as a Prism Star, but individual tragedies and family drama kill that dream. Until they meet at the hospital, where, spurred on by each other, Laura, Harriet and Natasha decide to become the (self-proclaimed) ultimate Prism team: the Rainbow Warriors!

2 Quest 2:Rainbow Warriors ASSEMBLE!! Halo

Make You Feel My Love
Pokémon World

Wanting to be a Prism team is one thing, but becoming one is another. The girls travel into the city to try and find an agency that will take them on.

3 Quest 3: Our Quest Officially Begins! Let It Go

The Pair Coach Mascots of this season make their debut: Sweet, Salty and Umami! The Rainbow warriors must also train hard to make their debut on a Prism Show.

4 Quest 4:
5 Quest 5:
6 Quest 6:
7 Quest 7:
8 Quest 8:
9 Quest 9:
10 Quest 10
20 Quest 20: Lest We Forget... Our Dance Moves Together (Rainbow Warriors)

It's A Fine Life

Will the Rainbow Warriors pull off a gamble of a routine devised by Harriet and win the First World War Memory Session?

22 Quest 22: The IOC Have Smashed Our Dreams!!!! Starry-Eyed

The Rainbow Warriors send their application off to the IOC... but there is a problem. Since they are not all disabled or able-bodied, the IOC send their app back for the time being because a big question hangs in the air... which 'lympics they should compete in. Cara, Pandora, Martin and the team play at being lawyers as they try to give the Rainbow Warriors a chance at the gold medal.

23 Quest 23: Blind Training and Blind Faith

The actions of the Rainbow Warriors and their friends have paid off, and the IOC have allowed them to compete in the Paralympics due to Harriet's condition... but there's a catch-Laura and Natasha have to perform blindfolded. Having been able to see what they are doing up until now, Laura and Natasha have yet another challenge ahead of them-learning to do Prism routines blindfolded without scratching anyone in the face with their skates- or worse...

24 Quest 24: Operation Erebor Diggy Diggy Hole

The Prism qualifying events have begun! To win the first round, the Rainbow Warriors have pull out a heck of a lot of stops. Harriet comes up with an idea... but according to Cara, there are no Prism Stones for dwarf costumes! Now it's up to Cara and Pandora to make the costumes required in time for the Rainbow Warriors' show.


33 Quest 33: In Loving Memory 1973

After Harriet receives some devastating news, the Rainbow Warriors decide to use a different routine for the final round of the heats.

34 Quest 34: The Calm Before The Storm Champion

Don't Stop Believing

Tomorrow is the quarterfinals of the qualifying rounds and the Rainbow Warriors have to prepare.

35 Quest 35: Their Message Champion

The Rainbow Warriors have made the quarterfinals and need to pull off something big.

48 Quest 48: The Semifinal Battle
49 Quest 49:
50 Final Quest: The Only Thing Standing In Our Way We Built This City On Rock And Roll

Make You Feel My Love
Defying Gravity

It's the Olympic finals! But who will win? Have the Rainbow Warriors come up with a good enough routine to win the gold medal?

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