Pretty Rhythm: Queen's Course (プリティーリズム:クイーンズコース Puritīrizumu: Kuīnz Kōsu) is a Pretty Rhythm fan series by Cure Chat Noir. It follows Soragawa Mirai, along with her friends Hisakawa Shiori andAmakawa Amai.



Moonlight DropEdit

  • Soragawa Mirai
    • ​Mirai is the lead of the series. Mirai is optimistic and caring. She was shown to be a natural at skating and Prism Jumps, even before knowing what a prism jump was. Out of her and her friends, she's the most rational thinker. She has wispy blonde hair and bluebell blue eyes. She's the shortest of the three. Her fashion element is feminine.
  • Hisakawa Shiori
    • Shiori is one of Mirai's friends. She can easily tell what someone's thinking from look. Though she can come of as cold, she is actually really nice, albit over protective. She has dark red hair and green eyes. Her fashion element is Sexy.
  • Amakawa Amai
    • Amai is one of Mirai's friends. She is brash and rarely thinks about what she's doing, often dragging Mirai into the mess. She is the least rational thinker of the group. She has dark hair and gold eyes. She's the tallest of the three. Her fashion element is pop.

Dream FlowerEdit

  • Nijikawa Azayaka
    • ​Azayaka is an upbeat girl, always putting a hundred and ten percent into whatever she does. She has orange hair and purple eyes. Her fashion element is Cool.
  • Kogawa Aijimi
    • ​Aijimi is the calmer one of the group, keeping Azayaka in line. She has a habit of pacing back and forth during stressful situations. She has dark purple hair and hazel eyes. Her fashion element is Ethnic. 

Soul TouchEdit

  • Hisakawa Kaoru
    • Shiori's older brother. He's rather gentlemanly, helping Mirai preform her first show as a female. Along with Kaede, they form Soul Touch.
  • Akiyama Kaede
    • A tsundere to the core, Kaede is hard to get along with. He slowly breaks out of his shell. With Kaoru, they form Soul Touch.

Stand Alone IdolsEdit

  • Amanogawa Ame
    • A Star brand idol. She spends most of her time telling stories to Mirai to help her learn about the prism sparkle.
  • Baranoki Karen
    • A Lovely brand idol. She's extremel forgetful, usually having someone with her at all times to remember things.






Insert SongsEdit


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