Pretty Rhythm Prism Festival is a Series by YukiTomoe. It centers around 7 idols.

Characters Edit

Yuki Tomoe- The Main character. She is the Cool Typed Star of the group. She dresses in Gothic or Punk outfits. Her theme color is Cyan.

Iroha Kagami- Iroha is Yuki's best friend. Her personality is the Opposite of Yuki's. She is the Pop Typed Prism Star. Her the color is Magenta.

Shiho Takano- She is the Star Typed Prism Star. She likes to be alone. When onstage she is almost a different person. Her theme color is Ivory.

Satoko Kosaka- Satoko is the Ethnic Typed Idol. Her theme Color is Lavender.

Sabrina Yazawa- She is the Sexy Typed Idol. Her theme color is Orange.

Akari Tsukino- She is the Feminine Typed Idol. Her theme color is Pastel Blue.

Eiko Tsukino- She is the Lovely Typed Idol. Her theme color is Pastel Pink.

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