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This page is a list of all the songs sung in Loveairaharune's fanseries, Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream.

Please note that the songs on this page are not original - The instrumental tracks come from different animes, and I (Loveairaharune) own only my voice. No copyright intended.

Unit Albums Edit

Petal Sparkle (Unnamed Album #1) Edit

  1. Yakusoku no Basho e 約束の場所え (Comes from the anime Kaleido Star カレイドスターズ) by Petal Sparkle
  2. Yakusoku no Basho e Amane ver. 約束の場所え.天音ver. [[Play Sound ]]
  3. Seishun wa Non-stop! 青春はNon-Stop! (Comes from the anime Show by rock ショウバイロック) by Petal Sparkle
  4. You may dream ~ Amane and Asuka ver. (Comes from the anime Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream)
  5. Cherry Picking Days ~ Yumeko and Sayuri ver. (Comes from the anime Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live)

Singers: Miyamoto Amane, Nishimura Sayuri, Akiyama Yumeko, and Hamasaki Asuka.

Audio tracks to be added soon.

Unnamed Album #2 Edit

  1. Alchemy アルケミー (Comes from the anime Angel Beats エンジェルビーツ) by Amane and Yoko
  2. Shoujotachi yo 少女たちよ (Comes from the anime AKB0048) by Amane, Miki, and Yoko
  3. Reversible Ring リバーシブルリング (Comes from the anime Pripara プリパラ) by Miki and Yoko
  4. Yes! Idol Declaration! Yes!アイドル♥宣言 (Comes from the anime Show By Rock ショウバイロック) by Amane and Miki

Singers: Miyamoto Amane, Matsuoka Yoko, Kimura Miki

Audio tracks to be added soon.

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