Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream/100 questions - is a series of 100 question surveys, which interview the main characters of Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream.

This survey is based off the 100 question survey from the anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Characters featured Edit

Questions Edit

Question Amane's response Asuka's response Yumeko's response Sayuri's response Kaori's response Misora's response Miki's response Yoko's response
1.)Please tell us your name. My name is Amane. Asuka Hamasaki.  Yumeeeeeeee~ SayuTheMostAwesome Kaori... what's the point of this question anyway? Misora Itami. Kawaii Mikiki desu! Um... Yoko.
2.) When is your birthday? December 30th, 2001. June 19th, 2002. July 5th, 2002... almost everyone here is older than me haha.  October 14th, 2002. March 7th, 2001. August 17th, 2000. Feburary 20th, 2004.  September 10th, 2003.
3.) Your blood type? I'm type B. I don't know. O. A~ AB. I'm B... Mikiki is type O desu!  Type... O- 
4) Please tell us your three sizes? Ahhhh this is so embarrassing! 83, 64.5, 89 Sizes... what? Oh... right. Thanks for reminding me, Amane! They're 80, 61.5, 86

I need to lose weight... 

90, 71, 90.

81.5, 65, 89. 86, 62, 87. 82, 61, 86. 76, 59, 82... just you wait! Miki-chan will grow for sure! 79, 60, 84...
5) Tell us about your family composition? There's me, my brother, and both parents. My mom, my dad, my younger sister, my younger brother, and me. Two parents, no siblings. There's my mom and dad and my super annoying older sister! My mom and my younger sister...  I would rather not say. Mama, Papa, and Miki! Just me and my parents.
6) What's your occupation? I'm a middle school student and a Prism Star, if that counts. ... Student?... and also a Prism Star. Middle school student, prism star, and wannabe chef.  Middle school student, social media addict, and yeah Prism Star.  Middle School Student, Prism Star, and fashion model. High School Student and Prism Star I'm an elementary school student, prism star, and I appear on TV! Just an elementary school student and Prism Star I guess....
7) Your favorite food? Ahhh... cake and chocolate! I pretty much love anything sweet though. Sushi! Salmon sushiiiiiii!  Takoyaki and Pocky! Um, I don't know? I just like food! Macarons. Sweet custard buns~ Strawberry sponge cake! It's the most delicious! Sesame cookies.
8) Favorite animal? Non-violent kittens. I... don't know.  Cats :3 Dogs are cute I guess... I don't know, and why should I care? Swans... they're so elegant and graceful~ Poodles! So cute and pink and fluffy! Reminds me of myself! I like... sparrows. They're so small and cute. 
9) Favorite subject? I would choose art, but learning about artists is boring... so... I don't have one. I pretty much dislike everything. Home economics! I love sewing! Same as Asuka! I love sewing too! Especially cosplay outfits!

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