Episode # Title Song Main Events
01 失われた夢

Ushinawareta yume

A lost dream

Diffrend oo-songs Hikari moves to Kirane
oo was a famous group of prisms Stars until they died in an accident. About a year after the accident, Kirashaima Hikari moves back to her home town, Kirane. A girl that was since an accident alone. A girl wich was once the center of oo, Hoshina Yuko. Once again she experienced the world of prisms shows, Until she fulfills her dream.


Dankai o koete

Beyound the Stage

No brand Hikari meets the classmates and joins Pretty Top
A new school, a new life, again on the stage?! The great idea of Ayumi let Hikari come back in the world of Prism Shows, despite she doesn't want this. Can this go on? 


kore ga watashidesu

This is me

No brand

Who I am (briefly)

Aruji Naki Sono Koe (briefly)

gangan natteru MUSIC (briefly)

First training of Hikari at Pretty Top
The training at Pretty Top starts and with it the problems. Hikari just knows the training of oo, which is clearly something diffrent...
10 波間のキセキ

Namima no Kiseki

Miracle of the Waves


This Party

heart shaped

The girls are making sommer holydaiys
Note: The song Ai no CHERRY is played shortly, despite it isn't realesed yet

About Hope replaces Matteimas as Opening theme

Beginner replaces Girls, don't give up as Ending theme

11 その努力裏切らない

Sono Doryoku Uragiranai

I Won't Let Down Their Efforts


Infinity Sanjou!

12 禁じられた星

Kinjirareta Hoshi

The forrbidden Star

gangan natteru MUSIC

Who I am

Mirai no Kaze

The Infinite Live starts
13 笑顔のために

Egao no Tame ni

For their smiles

Mirai no Kaze

About Hope

Who I am (briefly)

The classmates and Hikari do their last performance

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