Pretty Rhythm: Broken Wings is Loveairaharune's second fanseries. It is the sequel to Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream.

It is estimated to be released in 2017, although the story is set in 2016.

Synopsis Edit

Amane, now in another universe, has to face up to her brand new world. But this is not a happy-lucky girls' story - All the girls, in fact, have to battle using Prism Shows in order to protect their own world. These battles put the girls' lives on the line. Take one wrong step, and you're gone.

Will she manage to return home? Or will she be stranded there forever?

Main Characters Edit

Group #1 Edit

Miyamoto Amane - The main protagonist of the series. Now 14, (supposedly in 9th grade) she lives in a new world where she doesn't know anybody. A shy and introverted girl.

Kimoto Lisa - An 18 year old girl. She is the student council president of the new school. Lisa is supposedly perfect, with a beautiful, mature face, the body of a model, and known as 'The Goddess of Prism Shows.' Being the oldest, she takes on the big sister, leader type role of the group.

Ichikawa Megumi - A 16 year old girl who is on Lisa's team. She is very quiet, and doesn't appear to speak very much, but is in fact very intelligent and observant.

Ozawa Hanae - A 14 year old girl in her second year of middle school - the only character younger than Amane. She idolizes Lisa and follows her around. Very cheerful and friendly, and also slightly childish.

Group #2 Edit

Fujimoto Kazuma - A 15 year old girl in another Prism Show unit, and her Prism Show abilities are very strong. Kazuma has a loud, outspoken personality, and can get very clingy and attached to people.

Uehara Yumi - A 15 year old girl on Kazuma's team. With her good looks and flirtatious personality, she manages to win the hearts of nearly every boy at school.

Idane Kurami - A 16 year old girl on Kazuma's team. She appears to be mean and cold to everybody, even Kazuma and Yumi, her own teammates.

Other Characters Edit

Akamine Tali - A 17 year old girl. A mysterious and fierce person who rebels against the Lisa's system, she appears to be an enemy. Tali shares a rivalry with Lisa.

List of Episodes Edit

See Pretty Rhythm: Broken Wings/List of Episodes

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