Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Fantasia (プリティーリズム:オーロラファンタジア Puritīrizumu: Ōrorafantajia) is a pretty rhythm fan series by Diamond Shower. The series follows Hoshijima Karen and Yozora Ibara as they aim to become the Prism Queen. The series brings the return of fan calls from Dear My Future and the 'brand' Surprise, based of the Surprise Stones.



Night FlowerEdit

  • Hoshijima Karen
    • ​Karen is one of the leads of Aurora Fantasia. She's often nervous, and can't handle anything horror like. Even so, she's loyal, clever and honest. She can be quite stubborn, especially around her laidback brother Yukito. She has dark purple hair and mint green eyes. Her fashion element is Surprise & her theme color is black.
  • Yozora Ibara
    • Ibara is one of the leads of Aurora Fantasia. She is upbeat and helpful, but will instantly reject any of Yukito's flirtatious comments. She helped Karen during her first show. She has a passion for designing outfits but will never debut them. She has apricot pink hair and blue eyes. her fashion element is Sexy & her theme color is red.

Pair CharmsEdit

  • Pollux
    • Karen's pair charm. He ends his sentences with "~suta"
  • Castor
    • Ibara's pair charm. He ends his sentences with "~suta"

Prism StoneEdit


Other DesignersEdit


Solo IdolsEdit






Insert SongsEdit


  • This is the first series to have Surprise as a main fashion element.

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