Pretty Rhythm: All Star Constellation (プリティーリズム:オールスター星座 Purizumu : Orusuta Seiza?) is the fourth fan series of User:BellRose~. And this an series a squale of Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, and the last main characters do not appear, but the original character of rainbow live appear. Here have the new features that is Prism Constellation and there have a new Tourmaments and new events.

It was first broadcasted on Febuary 9, 2014 and is still ongoing. The series follows the story of a new prism star named Inori Hoshimiya and the others who aspires to become a god of constellation and defeat Algol.

List of EpisodesEdit

This is a episode list of Pretty Rhythm: All Star Constellation. The total have 51 episodes.

# Title Featured Song(s)
01 "I Deliver To You, My Princess!"
"watashi wa anata ni todoke, MaiPurinsesu " (私はあなたに届ける, マイ·プリンセス!)
Aurora Princess
Naru meets a mysterious girl named Inori Hoshimiya. Inori told Naru to come to the Dear Princess's Prism Show themed "Spring Girl Princess". Inori successfully to do 3 consecutive Prism Jumps and show new feature called Prism Consellation.
02 "Inori and Mana's friendship! constellation duo!"
"Inori to Mana no yujo! Seiza de~yuo " (祈りとマナの友情!星座·デュオ!)
Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend
Hijiri will do Nostamelo Girl Session, where all the prism star will compete to perform prism show uses songs Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend that were once done by Rinne & June.
03 "Mana, Heart's Jump!"
"Mana, kokoro no janpu! " (マナ,心のジャンプ!)
Moon Attacks
Makoto already created a new song for Mana, this time for Mana's prism show. Mana complete to do prism show perfectly with Mana successfully to do 3 consecutive Prism Jumps.
04 "that girl is The Effervescent Fragrance of Lemon"
"Sono on'nanoko wa,Hajikeru remon no kaori! " (その女の子は、はじけるレモンの香り!)
Extraordinary! The Door of Courage
Inori and Mana meet with The Voice Of Angel aka Kirara Kasugano. Dear Princess will carry out easter activities. thanks to the support of Inori, Kirara dared to do prism show.
05 "Forever Happy"
"Eien Ni Shiawase " (永遠に幸せ)
Dance In The Rain
Naru finnaly can confess her feeling to Kouji,although Naru already knew that would be rejected because Kouji like Ito. Naru was blurred from the prism stone, but was found by Inori and Makoto. Naru also get a new song from Makoto, and the support of Inori. Inori said that she may experience the same thing as Naru and Naru are not alone. in the end, Naru successfully prism constellation.
06 "Fortune Compass☆"
" Fōchun Konpasu ☆ " (フォーチュンコンパス☆)
Sweet Time Cooking Magic
It's almost Setsubun. Dear Princess is also busy in preparation of the bean-throwing.

In the cafetaria, a poster of sushi rolls being flared. They fight to make a delicious sushi rolls, and then Juri pick Ann to be the winner. Ann as guest to do prism show and Ann successfully do Prism Constellation.

07 "The Rose's Sparkle"
" Rozu no Supakuru" (ローズのスパークル)
Get Music!
Dear Crown will make an event, Bell was chosen to fill the event. Then Bell also managed to do a prism constellation.
08 "Note Note is Prohibited Trouble!"
"MEMO MEMO Kinshi wa Komaru no desu! " (メモメモ禁止は困るのです!)
Vanity Colon
Otoha writes too many notes , but this is hard for her because it's a big part of her life and she's always relying on them. Bell Rose then meets Sakura Hanasaki, the newest student from Dear Princess, who takes interest in Otoha's notes and tells her that she thinks her notes are amazing. Then when Otoha do prism show, she managed to do a prism constellation.
09 "The Season Of Sakura"
"Sakura no Kisetsu " (さくらの季節)
Dear Princess will do a fashion show. Sakura Hanasaki was chosen to perform the prism show, and Sakura was successfully do a Prism Constellation result Otoha assistance.
10 "Heart Hospitality♡"
"Omotenashi Hāto♡" (おもてなしハート♡)
Blowin'in the mind
Wakana successfully do a Prism Constellation.
11 "Welcome Home Rinne"
"Okaeri Rinne!" (お帰りリンネ!)
Rinne came to visit Naru and the others and successfully do Prism Constellation with Naru.
12 "Raise The Curtain☆Fresh Girls Cup"
"Kaimaku☆Fresh Girls Cup" (開幕☆フレッシュガールズカップ)
Hijiri will do a Fresh Girls Cup, they must to create a prism unit with 5 shuffle member. But , they 1 deficiency person, who's the girl?
13 "the kara's last member!"
"Kara no saigo no memba!" (カラの最後のメンバー!)
Kira Pata Shining
Dear Princess's designer is accounted! That girl is Sora Kanzaki who also the last member of Kara.
14 " The Glittering Aquarius"
"Kirameki wa Akueriasu" (キラめきはアクエリアス)
Ito became sad because she just did cannot do Prism Constellation. Momo also create a new show clothes for Ito, namely Crystal Aquarius Coord. Thanks to everyone's support, Ito managed to Prism Constellation.
15 " Section Rainbow"
"Sekushonreinbo" (セクションレインボー)
§ Rainbow
Bell Rose and Happy Rain shaping 1 prism unit named i ☆ Ris. However, they have problems deciding who their leaders. Naru or Beru?
16 " A head-on match! You're the ace!!"
"Makkō Shōbu! Kimi koso Ēsu da!!" (真っ向勝負! 君こそエースだ!!)
Love Is
This time for Dear Princess's 5 top prism star do a prism show in a unit. They called they self is Kara.
17 "Chocolate and Love"
"Chokotto Rabu" (チョコっとらぶ)
Sweet Time Cooking Magic

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