Pretty Remake CinderellaEdit

Pretty Remake Cinderella is a Prism Act performed and created by Miyuki Katsuko on Fashion Goddess Competition to win a prism stone. Miyuki said that the inspiration to create this prism act was Aira and the Cinderella Fairy Tale.


What happens during the actEdit

First a crystal tower appears when the clock marks midnight is when the magic appear.

Miyuki appears in the front of the tower praying and the magic evolves her.

Miyuki smiling starts to said "Ribbons, Flowers, Glitter" and this things appear to modify her dress.

In the end a crystal and rainbow runway appears like in a fashion show Miyuki pass and make poses.

In the end she sends a kiss to the audience.


  1. Miyuki Katsuo creates and perform this prism act
  2. Prizmmy with Miyuki Katsuo

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