These are Prism jumps and Acts from Precurelover's series.


Megumino HikariEdit

Star Crown:

Type: Signature Jump

Preformer: Megumino Kizashi (former), Megumino Hikari (currently)

Description: The backgrounf is a crimson color (the color from Golden Sprial) and stars sprial around, Hikari is seen sliding down them before falling through the space in between the sprial and landing. She snaps her fingers making a large star. She spins before putting her hands up and finishing with with a wink.

Strawberry Honey Kiss:


Preformer: Megumino Hikari

Description: The preformer goes through a beehive as honey falls, she places her hands on her lips before moving them away, three kisses fly to the audience. The preformer then says the name while the kisses move to the audience In Strawberry Honey Kiss the preformer sits on a strawberry and winks. When the preformer winks a honey pot appears.

Duo Edit


Prism ActEdit

Special JumpsEdit

Cannon JumpsEdit

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