Reika Nishina

Nishina Reika

Reika Nishina

Personal Data
Name Reika Nishina (仁科麗華; Nishina Reika)
Age (Revolution) 14
Birthday Unknown
Birthplace Japan
Current Residence Japan
Blood Type Unknown
Astrological Sign Unknown
Character Trait Like Reading Book
Special Skill Baking, can memorize or recall quickly
Affiliation Prism Stone
Animal Coach Pop-chi
Prism Live Instrument Drums
Fashion Element Pop
Theme Color Aqua Blue
Romantic Interest Narumi Takuma
Anime Debut (Rainbow Live) Episode 1
Family Members Sentarou Fukuhara (GrandFather)
Yuriko   Fukuhara (GrandMother)
Fukuhara Ann (Mother)
Kazuki Nishina (Father)
Japanese Azusa Kataoka

Nishina Reika is one of Pretty Rhythm : Revolution main character. She is Mihama Yuuki and Miya bestfriend. She have a pop style and her suit is club. She in love with her senior Narumi Takuma.

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