"Haha, they did it again!" Sayuri to Yumeko, Amane, and Asuka.

Nishimura Sayuri is one of the main characters of Pretty Rhythm: Melodic Dream, Loveairaharune's fanseries, and a member of Petal Sparkle✧. She is a former dance student of Pretty Top, just like her best friend, Akiyama Yumeko. She loves reading fanfiction and gaming.

Nishimura Sayuri
Age 12-13
Birthday October 14th 2002
Gender Female
Height 153 cm
Weight 110 pounds
Hair Color Reddish Brown
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Petal Sparkle✧
Occupation Prism Star
Image Brand Sexy
Image Song Mirai no ai
Anime Debut Episode 1

Appearance Edit

Sayuri has reddish brown straight hair in a fringe over her forehead tied off in a short ponytail above her head, sometimes styled into a bun during her shows, and her round eyes are dark brown.

Personality Edit

Sayuri has a cheerful, easygoing personality. She can get along with almost anybody, and is also relaxed and carefree, despite her strict life at home.

Background Edit

Despite their personalities being a bit similar, Sayuri and Yumeko have very different lives at home. Sayuri's parents are strict, but despite them always threatening her with punishments (usually confiscating phones) she isn't affected, or even annoyed. She even joked about it with her friends and her older sister.

Sayuri originally only joined Pretty Top's dance academy because Yumeko was. She didn't have much talent, and just went there to hang out with her friend.. In Episode 3, when Amane is forced into their practice room due to not having enough space, Sayuri's view on Prism Shows change, and she feels excited and inspired. With Amane's help, she gets better at skating and dancing, and she, Amane, and Yumeko perform together, each of them pulling off a Prism jump.

Trivia Edit

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