Neo Ayame is the main character in Pretty rhythm Virtual Stage and 11 years old.


Neo is a fair looking girl with light peach skin. She has light blue hair with choppy and bangs and the rest of her hair is held in two uneven ponytails. Neo's lips are a shade of light averge pink. Time to time she will let her hair down or put it in a very messy bun. As assesories she wears a princess crown and crown earings. Her eyes are a very soft pastel like shade of pink.


Neo is very happy-go-lucky but a NEET. Being a NEET, she is very close to herself and social interactions just aren't her thing. Unless you've known her for years, she probably will rerain from talking to you as much as possible. Neo's avorite type of game is FPS because she has suffered from an abusive past and its how she calms herself down. Though, around her crushes or the people she instantly likes she will act very outgoing and kind, but time to time selish.


Aiko Hemmings- Her step-sister

Jace Hemmings- her step-brother

Orihime Oreo- the girl that convinced to to be an idol, and she also has been her childhood friend since both of them were three

Jake Hemmings- her step-father

Alice Ayame- her mother who she tends to not listen to because she holds a grudge for divorcing with her ather at an age which she can remender it clearly


Her mother named her Neo after her favorite ice cream, Neotipolian ice cream. Her last name AYame means colorful girl/child


  • She is the only NEET Idol in all of Pretty Rhythm Virtual Stage
  • Her virtual avatar is a rare account called an LMGS 6000 which a lucky user gets ater 6000 people are on when they join, and Neo was that lucky person
  • She has tried many ways to remember her dad, but whenever she does her heads starts to spin
  • Being a child of a wealthy lawyer and a clothes designer she took dancing,acting, and signging classes for 9 years
  • She refers to hersel as Himeko-sama of Japan (which means she thinks of herself very highly)

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