Natsuko Ageha is the main character of lucygh12's fanfiction titled, Seasons on Wattpad. She studies in Edel Rose along with Bell Renjouji, Otoha Takanashi and Wakana Morizono.

Natsuko Ageha
Kanji 夏子アゲハ
Rōmaji Natsuko Ageha
First Appearance Chapter 1, Seasons
Gender Female
Birthday 1st September
Astrological Sign Virgo
Hometown Akihabara
Current Residence Akihabara
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Purple
Theme Color Yellow
Fashion Element Summer, Lovely
Prism Live Instrument Flute
Special Skill Writing lyrics
Blood Type O +
Affiliation Edel Rose
Animal Coach Summer
Romantic Interest Hiro Hayami
Relatives Misaki Ageha (Mother), Hiruto Ageha (Father)

Appearance Edit

Natsuko is a young girl with short brown hair, purple eyes and she sometimes wears glasses. She wears the Edel Rose uniform like any other student. Her outfit during Prism Shows is a red checkered skirt with a white shirt and red gloves.

Her Seventh Coord Evolution during the Over The Rainbow Session is the Golden Coord and her outfit is the Pure White Wedding Dress, Pure Crystal Tiara and the Pure Crystal High Heels. Her hair color also changes to orange during this evolution. Her normal Seventh Coord evolution is the Platinum Coord and she wears a white and red ensemble

During Natsuko's show at the Over The Rainbow Session,her hair grows longer during the show and stays that length even after the show ends.

Personality Edit

Natsuko is a kind young girl, who has it in her nature to help everyone, even her opponents. She also is a good leader for the unit, Seasons.

Natsuko Ageha

Natsuko's Platinum Coord

She is a sort of person who would think of people as her friends, even if they hate her.

History Edit

Not much is known about Natsuko's past, except for the fact that she has known Hiro ever since he joined Edel Rose. But Hiro has forgotten about her. He only knows her because of her debut in Seasons.

Prism Jumps Edit

Natsuko has 10 jumps in total, three of which she performs at the Over The Rainbow Session.

  1. Summer Splash
  2. Miss Fairy Girl
  3. Fresh Fruits Planet
  4. Heartful Splash
  5. Explosive Heart Dive
  6. Lovely Rainbow
  7. Golden Star Magic
  8. Burning Love of King Leo
  9. Burning Heartfelt Fantasy
  10. Goddess Of The Prism

Summer, Natsuko's pair friend

Songs Edit

Natsuko has 3 solo songs, 2 duo songs and 2 trio songs

Solo Songs Edit

  1. Dream Goes On
    Burning Love Of King Leo
  2. Switch On My Heart
  3. Kokoro Juuden

Duo Songs (With Bell Renjouji) Edit

  1. We Will Win! -KOKORO no Baton de PO·PON no PO~N☆
  2. Hello Alone

Trio Songs Edit

  1. You May Dream
  2. Hop! Step!! Jump!!!
  3. Pretty Rhythm de Go!

Quotes Edit

(To Bell) "Yeah...I finally did make my debut. I promise you, Bell. This year, the Prism Queen is going to

Golden Coord

Natsuko's appearance in the Golden Coord!"

(To Naru) "Naru-san, I think you are the best prism star I have ever seen. You always shine brightly. That's why I will always idolize you and yet think of you as my rival."

(To everyone about Yuki) "Yuki...she is the glue which keeps our unit together. Without her, Seasons wouldn't exist. She's the one who, forced Hijiri-san to let us debut."

(To Bell) "Bell, will you my partner?"

(To Bell and Naru) "Of course, it isn't so simple...writing songs. You have to pour your heart and feelings out while writing according to the melody."

(To Kouji) "Kouji-kun. I need your do you tell you are in love with someone?"

(To herself) "I finally realised after talking to Kouji-kun. I am in love with....Hiro."

Trivia Edit

  • IMPORTANT!! Hello Alone is not a song of the Pretty Rhythm series. It is the first ending of the anime Oregairu.
  • Natsuko has been a part of Edel Rose ever since it was started like Hiro.

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