Megumino Hikari (translating to Light of Grace) is the protaginist of Pretty Rhythm Universe Crown She's self-proclaimed leader of FairytaleKiss even though both her teammates say that she is.

Megumino Hikari
Kanji 恵みの光
Rōmaji Megumino Hikari
First Appearance Episode One, Hikari's Grace PRUC01
Gender Female
Birthday March 14th
Astrological Sign Pisces
Hometown Yokohama, Japan
Current Residence Yokohama, Japan
Hair Color Dark Purple
Eye Color Blue
Theme Color White (main)

Red (Sub)

Fashion Element Star
Special Skill Dancing
Blood Type O+
Affiliation Pretty Top
Animal Coach Pafu
Relatives Megumino Kizashi (mother)
Megumino Kaiyo (older brother)
Megumino Kotaku (younger sister)
Megumino Eiko (Father, moved)
Megumino Akaru (grandmother)

Appearance Edit

Hikari as purplr hair that goes to her mid back and is sometimes seen sporting a red bow at the back of her head. She is shown to have a disliking to have her hair up. Her unit outfit for FairytaleKiss is a white dress with a red sash, a white and red bow and black mary janes. (simillar to Otoha's)


History Edit


Prism Jumps Edit


Solo Songs

Duo Songs

Trio Songs


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