Maria elegance purple coord

Maria elegance purple coord

A character in Pretty Rhythm Fairytale Dream. Maria is a childhood friend of Asuka Yukikawa. Maria is a half-Japaneses and half-american, because her parents both met each other in America.

Role in the plot Edit

Since Maria lost her memories of her parents as a child, all she remembers is her parents now, Miyuki Smith and Sam Smith. Once it was Maria's 13th birthday, her adopted parents finally told Maria that she was adopted. After finding out this, she went upstairs to her room and grabed her Prism Case with her Prism Stones and told her parents that she needs to get some air, left and went to the ice rink.

While she was there, she told herself that she will find her real parents. When Maria did a Prism Jump, after that Prism Jump she suddenly did a Prism Act called Beautiful Rainbow Memory. It showed Maria when she was little watching her mother do the Aurora Rising: Rainbow with her sister and father for the first time. Dispite not seeing her parents and her sisters faces clearly, she knows that her mother did the famous Aurora Rising: Rainbow. 

After that, maria ran back home and asked her parents if they know how her real parents are. But, they do not know who they are, although Miyuki told her that her real mother was a very famous Prism Star who did the legendary Aurora Rising Rainbow. Maria told them that she would try to find her real parents and her sister, and Miyuki and Sam told her that they would help too. Maria then desided to follow her dreams as a Prism Star and become Prism Queen.

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